Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 43 - Hunker down and face facts

I went to weigh in today and packed a banana as I got a free drink coupon in the mail for Starbucks. I've hit the 15 star mark so that's my reward. The meeting is as packed as ever which I really enjoy there's a lot of participation.

I was down .4 and my leader asked me how my week was. I looked at him and said I'm having a hard time with the new program but it's more about letting go from the old program. I know the new program works and let's face it I was having a hard time with the old plan before Christmas. The plan isn't at fault it was me being my own worst enemy.

A woman who I see at that meeting all the time commented to me that I looked good, which was nice. She told me she finally followed the new plan to the letter and lost 3.4.

I've been thinking about this since I watched the Jennifer Hudson - Oprah show. When she said for the first few weeks she sort of followed the plan but did more her own thing she didn't see results and then she told her leader she'd follow the plan for one week and see. Well you can see whenever that WW commercial pops up that she did quite well.

Our leader actually asked us if we saw that Oprah and the comments were interesting. A couple of people brought up how she wouldn't mention her weight loss at that start of the show. Their perception was that her WW leader didn't want her to tell. I can see why they didn't want to focus on that. At WW it is about the number on the scale but never about how long it takes you or that this is your primary reason. All those success stories come with "results not typical" I can see why they want to focus on the feeling good and not just the number.

My leader even mentioned example of what he's seen on the scale of people who aren't giving the plan a chance and when they finally do it's an aha moment.

So this week I'm going to focus on the program. I've been giving it about 60-80%. The most important part is tracking I do that fairly well but there are often moments I forget about something or guesstimate. The guessing is probably causing issues as I don't know the new points well enough to do that. The only person I'm fooling by not being diligent about tracking is myself. My water is pretty good and the workouts are fairly consistent. I want to keep it simple just like when you first start WW and focus on the tracking.

I figured out a strategy for site. I can't control how much they put on my plate as you can ask for a little and they put a whack of whatever on your plate anyway but I can control how much of I eat. I use the WW app on my iphone so now before I dig in to what I've picked out for supper I'm going to track it so I know the points before I eat it and I'll leave what doesn't work on the plate. Now I typically calculate when I'm back in my room after the meal has been eaten. It's definitely dinner that messes me up. I always stick to the hot cereals for breakfast i.e. oatmeal, cream of wheat or red river. At lunch I build a salad or take a sandwich and modify it i.e. remove some of the meat, the cheese add point friendly condiment like mustard and extra veggies. Lately I've been digging peanut butter and banana sandwiches for lunch. I typically head into supper with a good chunk of points but guessing wrong or adding to much of a little something can blow through those pretty quickly.

In a nutshell it's really about writing it down before I eat it which is a relatively simple concept.

I picked up snap peas, baby carrots and grape tomatoes when I went grocery shopping on Thursday so whatever is left after tomorrow is coming to work.

Today's workout was walking as I walked to the meeting and back and then headed out again later. It was +7c I had to get out there. In total it was 78 minutes of walking. 

Today is tracked on to tomorrow.


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