Monday, February 07, 2011

Day 38 - well that lasted 8hrs

Remember that vow of mine of no cookies or desserts for the week. Well today instead of having my lean cuisine frozen lunch I went to the camp kitchen as I had a meeting on that end of site right before lunch time. There in front of me was my all time favourite cookie an incredibly scrumptious macaroon. I haven't seen these for weeks. So...I had one and you know what it's alright. It worked into my day and I put in an hour on the treadmill instead of the original 30min I had planned.

For the rest of the week there will be no cookies and desserts...even if the macaroons make a repeat visit. I stuck to it through dinner and even though my friend K stopped in the pack lunch kitchen to grab an after dinner cookie I resisted. In her defense she barely ate anything today as she was swamped. I also didn't go off my plan (well the rest of the plan) for the entire day. I drank all my water too. I declare today a success.

Now I just to need to repeat it tomorrow.

Yes, Cara Mia, I'm on twitter you can find me under Cowgirl Warrior. I'm not sure what possessed me to tweet but I do very much enjoy reading them while waiting for buses.

Now I'll watch the rest of Village on a Diet and then it's to bed as tomorrow is my longest day of the week.


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Need to Get ME Back said...

I have fudgsicles a lot, I think desserts are ok if you count them and work them into your day, which you did :)