Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 2 - Bit of a lazy Sunday

Trying to be very zen today so I can be relaxed and calm to be in bed early because I don't have a holiday Monday tomorrow. I will be on the plane tomorrow morning as per usual.

As I'm on a fly in fly out schedule only the nine Federal (Canada) Statutory Holidays are observed so I get a day off instead that I can take at any time. Technically I could use one for Monday but I didn't see a reason. Though I do work 40hrs+ in my 4 days on it feels like a long weekend every weekend. It should be ridiculously quiet on Monday but that's not necessarily a bad thing as it's a good time to organize or brush up on things.

Today's workout was brought by laundry and going up and down stairs. Not really a workout but I'm not worried about it as today will be more of a rest day. Workouts will be happening Mon to Thurs at site. I grabbed a multi CD holder and filled it with workout dvds I can use in my camp room. They are all primarily pilates and yogs but as I'll do cardio in the gym it's a good addition.

For the second day in a row I had oatmeal with 1tbsp brown sugar for breakfast. I've also made myself a green smoothie two days in a row as a snack. There are a bizillion ways to put these together but I keep it simple.

1c unsweetened vanilla almond milk - 1pt
2 handfuls of spinach
1 banana
1c of frozen unsweetened strawberries
2tsp agave nectar - 1pt

I do really enjoy these as it's like a smoothie/milkshake for 2pts. Plus 4 fruit/veggies servings.

Lunch was two boiled eggs and toast. Dinner will be borscht.

I still have 4pts of my 29 to do something with. Yesterday I used 26/29, I wasn't hungry and didn't want to go into snack land just to use 3 points.

Due to the mega stress of last week I didn't really use the past 3 days as productively as I could have but that's alright.

This week I'm taking snap peas, grape tomatos and maple leaf natural selections black forest ham. I'm taking the ham as another option for lunch sandwiches. I can get a ham sandwich in the site kitchen but I have no ideas what type of ham. What I like about natural selections is I know what's in there and it's 4 slices for 1pt.

I also picked up a pack of Source yogurt the other day. It's one of the dessert flavoured options. I was drawn to it because of a Mocha and Dulce de Leche flavour. They're 1pt each and use Splenda. I'm not a huge fan of any sugar substitute but what the heck. The only thing is there kind of sweet so I'm not in love but it's a better option than my all time favourite full fat Liberte Moka. Not sure if I'll buy this type of Source yogurt again. I do prefer just the normal fruit flavours or go to Activia (regular version). I'm thinking of taking some of those to site with me as a snack option.

Alright that's all I got. Hope you had a great Sunday.



Enz said...

I like the Source powerfruit blend, not as sweet as the dessert line and tastes tangy like yogurt should (in my mind!).

Hope you have a great week!

Enz said...

Oh damn..I meant to also say that I am having the same problem with the new WW Points Plus plan, because it discourages processed/high carb/high fat foods, I find I am eating much cleaner and more whole foods than I ever did before, which are all LOW in points. And with fruit at 0, I'm turning to that rather than some other treat so the points are adding up as quickly as they used to. Two days in a row now, I've added nuts to something gain 2 extra points.

The Glitterati said...

Sugar snap peas & grape tomatoes! What a yummy combo... makes me yearn for spring though. :)