Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 7 - insert witty title

Hello my friends,

This week felt long. I didn't get great sleep all week which probaby didn't help.

Thursday flew by as I was flying out early so I had to catch the bus at 1:45pm and then landed in Calgary with no flow control - yeah! I then realized it would be rush hour - boo!

Got home by 5pm with a wee bit of a headache and had to be out the door 75min later to head off to Winefest. It would have been nice to have a wee more rest time as I'm always tired after 4 days of crazy hours and the coming home always feels so nice.

By then the headache was still there but I didn't think it wise to take advil then drink wine. I'm not fond of red wine and I always find there is a red free for all at these things. I did find a couple of nice wines but I didn't really try all at that much. I drank water soon after. My party then decided to go to the casino next door but at that point 3 of us had enough. My headache was now in full swing and with Vegas in a few weeks why not lose money there instead of at home.

Today it took until almost 2pm for me to get out of my pjs. I first woke up at 6am and puttered around and then had a nap at 9am. I did change from pjs to workout clothes and did 30min of step aerobics. I chose to do an at home workout as I didn't feel like bundling up and going outside.

Tomorrow I will head to the gym as it's right across from weigh in so really no excuses and I plan to go on Sunday too. The weather will be nicer as well. I want to try this running thing again.

I've started writing in a paper journal again too. While I love blogging somethings are better kept to myself, especially random emotions that can result in stupid food decisions long before I can formulate a blog post. It's 18 days to Vegas I need to get myself in high gear to do as well as I can until then and to keep going to my goal date in 71 days.

I then did some pvr clean up and watched Heavy and I Used To Be Fat. Heavy was a totally different format this week with them spending the entire 6 months at a health resort. I was impressed with Randy's motivation especially that 180min on a treadmill. I also watched Shedding for the Wedding and I'm a little meh on this show. I'll check it out one more time to see. Notice a trend of weight loss shows..I'm trying to gear up my motivation as a new week starts tomorrow.

I will definitely be going to weigh in tomorrow. Carol's comment last week has resonated with me. I do need my meeting when it's been a rough week as it centers me. When I have a fantastic week perhaps I can help center someone else - crazier things happen :)

Alright my friends I'm looking forward to start of a new week. I hope you all had a great few days.

Until tomorrow...


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