Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Day 11- Going strong

Hello my friend,

I had yet another day on plan which I am very happy with.

I have mysterioulsy hit the french option on my keyboard which is odd.

There was a moment with a treat size bag of chips but you know what it managed to fit in my day. I found another WW follower at work as I over heard her talking about points one day.

We talked a bit about the new plan and she mentioned she was having difficulties adjusting. I told her I did to until I realized if I failed to plan I planned to fail. I also realize this is my first week of truly embracing propoints but I find taking it day by day is working. Of course I still have 3 days to go until weigh in on Saturday.

I am still going strong being on my own at work as well.

I am very content.

Activity today was run day 4. I went for dinner first tonight and then as I walked back to my camp room to change I visualized getting a treadmill. Ta da, I got a treadmill.

Tonight I tried 2.5 min running and 2.5 min walking. I got a little confused with my intervals and wound up doing one set of 1.5min walking in between 2 sets of 2.5min running. This completely shocked me. I did 45min tonight and then forgot to turn off my heart rate monitor until I was about to take a shower.

So the numbers are wonky but it says 470 calories burned in 54:45min.

I solved my missing sock mystery. I was obviously pretty tired the last time I did site laundry as I found one white sock and one black sock folded together....funny.

Hope you all had a fabulous day.


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Enz said...

You are doing so well. Can I borrow some of your enthusiasm for exercise? I just can't bring myself to go outside in Winter.