Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 8 - Seeing your potential

I had a 1.6lb gain at WW this morning. I'm not happy with that at all by any sense of the imagination. I also realize it's all my fault so I'm dusting myself and moving on. In fact I had a little aha moment as I was sitting there waiting for the meeting to start but I'll get in to that in a bit. Wow there were a lot of people there today. Got me wondering if the second busiest season at WW is "Spring is coming which leads to summer and bathing suits".

A weird thing happened at the scale. I got grumpy pants weigh in person again and after she writes down my weight she tells me I need to go to the desk because there's a discrepancy with my weigh recording. I go to the desk and another lovely lady pulls out my sheet where all my weights are on it (I had no clue they had such a record) and there's something weird going on. As you already know I was a wimp last week and didn't want to face the scale so I would have no weight recording but on the sheet there was a weight written down - 195.6 to be exact. It looks like they were tracking someone else on my sheet. You have to wonder that it didn't strike someone as odd that I'd have a 20lb gain in a week.

So my aha moment was courtesy of Jillan on this week's Biggest Loser. It was the moment when she said to the black team - you have had a life changing moment, now you have a glimpse of your potential. You got out of your own way and did it.

So with that in my head I zipped into Walmart afte weigh in picked a couple of things and then I went to the gym. I wanted to try this running thing again.

I started with a 5min walk as a warm up at 3.5 and 0.5 incline on the treadmill then I started my 2min of running at 5.1 and then walk at 3.5 for 3min. Well I repeated for 50min then I started to think how I was going to do my cool down as I was aiming for 60min total. So I told myself I could run for 3min if it felt like I'd fall off the treadmill I could slow down. Well after 3min I didn't feel so bad so I tried another minute. OMG I ran for 4min straight at the 50min mark. That's huge for me. I typically bail on day 2 of any C25K program. I honesty expected to see pigs flying.

I could see the reflection of my calves down on this treadmill. I could also see the treadmills on either side of me. I watched my feet running and for a moment thought "gee whiz" that's me. Then I looked at the feet on either side of me who were also running 5.1. They might have been a little skinnier calves but it was sort of an empowering moment. I'm going back tomorrow and I'll just listen to my body.

While on the treadmill I tend to have super random thoughts like deciding to go to Staples to get my laptop and Co-op is across the street so I should grocery shop there as opposed to going to Safeway after the gym.

I walked home, changed, put the washer on "tub clean" and then had some lunch. After lunch I headed off to Staples. I did weigh myself at home again out of curiosity and it was a pound down from weigh in.

I knew what laptop I wanted so after waiting a bit for help and then saying no to everything the salesperson suggested in addition to the laptop I left with a HP laptop that has everything I want.

At Co-op I stuck to my list and accidentally went down the chip/pop aisle and the whole time I had a mantra in my head of "It's a shot in the head". I have no idea why that particular phrase popped in my head but it worked. I decided to cab it home and then I wrote points on all the NI info of my groceries. I then unpacked the new laptop and started adding it to my wireless network, loading security, installing itunes and pretty much getting it ready to take to site.

I'm completely on plan today and my goal for this week is keep it going. Last week I started off well and then fell apart in the last half of the week. That won't happen this week, you know why? It's because I can do it - Booyah!



Enz said...

Way to go!!!!
You are amazing.

Need to Get ME Back said...

Good thing you didn't gain 20 in a week! You can lose that gain this week, just keep your weigh in in mind :)

Emily said...

Yes, you can dot it. Booyah!