Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 41 - who knew lawyers could be funny

The nice thing about taking the morning plane is no flow control. Landed in Calgary at 9am had a bit of a confusion with my go to cab guy but we were quickly on our way.

Dropped off K and then I went to Walmart to buy a printer as I need one and forgot to print off my seminar registration at work. I checked buses and the closest to my house was in 30min, the next closest was 20min so I thought the heck with it I'm going to walk home lugging the printer.

That was a bit of a workout my friends as it's a rather awkward thing to carry.

Then it was off to the seminar which was far more interesting than I anticipated and some pretty funny moments too.

Afterwards K and I wandered around the zoo a bit (the seminar was held at the zoo) the majority of the animals were eating or sleeping.

We then headed to Co-op for some grocery shopping and I finally have ground turkey. Now how much do you want to bet my local Safeway finally has it after 4 weeks of nada.

The one thing the store didn't have was Oxygen magazine. K found recipes she wanted to try and while we both own the mag neither of us had it on us so we thought we could look it up in the store so she knew what she needed. Not one to be found in the entire store. We guessed.

After all that now I want to make the recipes so I might need to pick up a few extra things to make the chicken orange almond stir fry.

I didn't track today - no excuse just didn't think of it which is odd. I didn't get home till the same time I usually do when I fly home on Thursday nights so I'm zonked. I'm just catching up on BL and then it's to bed for me.

Tomorrow I'm going to Iron Reps and do some cardio on the treadmill. My fridge is now full of healthy yummy things for the next 3 days before I fly back.

Hope you had a fantastic day!


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