Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 5? - attack of the hormones

Being a girl I know I should be aware of the hormone fueled snackapalooza will arrive, alas it sneaks in and I find myself having inexplicably consumed something I shouldn't have.

Will I ever learn?

Yesterday was ridiculously long day or at least it felt like it. So it was dinner and bed for me. I've been zonked today as well and am now doing my site laundry so I have clean clothes for next week.

The weird part was yesterday I was a bit sad that I couldn't run again (no chance at a treadmill and dead tired). Keep in mind I ran on Monday for the first time since the summer so not sure what's up with that. One never knows I might learn to love running and even do it without headphones. However on a treadmill that faces a wall I miss my headphones.

Sniffles (what I will know call my "roommate" or the person I share a bathroom with" has been sniffling away since Monday. Monday night she flushed the toilet at 11:30pm. I realize when you have to go - you have to go but my goodness it's load when it's less than 4 feet from your bed. I took a few photos of my camp room tonight and I might post so you get an idea of my cozy home.

To be honest though it's small it's my little oasis. I'm kind of fond of it. However I would trade it for my own bathroom in a heartbeat.

Tonight Sniffles has been skipping in her room. While part of me is inspired by that the other is going slightly crazy hearing it. I'm not sure why she just wouldn't go to the gymnasium. Of course did that inspire me to get my skipping rope out of my closet...nah. There she goes again. I hope she stops by 9pm.

I'm getting excited about laptop shopping this weekend. I just need a HDMI cable and I'm golden. I can then watch netflix and all my dvds on the bigger tv in my room.

My friend K is off to Florida in mere days and I'm so happy for her. I'm kind of looking forward to this opportunity to cover for her. Mostly to prove to myself I can do it.

Flying home a little early tomorrow as it's team building at winefest Thursday night. Then on Friday I must be a workout diva.

Hope your past few days were totally awesome, 15min till I load clothes into the dryer. Hopefully no more missing socks. Well I'm really hoping I find the other ones.


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