Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Day 39 - 40 - Confused grumpy pants combined with twilight zone kind of day

Hello my friends,

Yesterday was a long long day so no blogging for me. By the time I got back to camp it was dinner and bed. I could only last half way through BL, so I'll watch it again when I get home as it's on the pvr.

Today was a twilight zone kind of day.

I went to two meetings where it turned out I was the bad guy. In one I was somehow in control of things that I don't control. In fact are controlled by a completely different group. I was then told I handled it better then the guy I replaced, who apparenlty they grilled a lot more as he brought it on himself.  I told them I'm tougher than the guy I replaced. A kudo moment was when the person next to me said I laugh it off and have a positive attitude. I told him I just act like a duck. The outside cool, calm and collected and under the water crazy peddaling.

Then in the next meeting. I got grilled by 10 guys once again about something I can't control I was just the messenger. They acted like I had just told them I ran over their dog. The weird part is I later found out that at least one person  knew about the information that made them go all crazy pants in the meeting. You could have fooled me.  Alas I can defend myself and when they teased me I teased back. Don't mess with me boys :)

Then I got out of the meeting and had a conversation that had me feeling like I've somehow been letting people down and even worse that this was communicated to my boss. Which is not at all how it was intended, nor what actually happened that I am certain of but the vibe was weird. Then that made me confused grumpy pants. My mind went to I can't do anything right. I realize I'm still new in this role and by no means know everything but it felt like I was trying to do something right for the meantime, then felt bad about it and then felt I was useless at fixing it. I know this makes no sense and it was completely ridiculous when sane brain returned. Totally twilight zone...

So I came back to camp, ate dinner and then rode the spin bike for 30min. Nothing quite like a good workout and a hot shower to knock the confused grumpy pants cobwebs out of your head.

In other news I am freakishly attached to the Smurf game on my iphone. It's annoying and addictive all at the same time.

I'm looking forward to going home tomorrow and then ,after the meeting I must go, to a weekend of some zen time.

Hope you guys are having a good week.


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