Saturday, February 05, 2011

Day 35 and 36 - Winter adventures

Hello my friends,
I hope you had a great last few days. I am here to recap mine.

I'll start with Friday as I was off to weigh in. I headed out a wee early as I needed to hit the mall and I never time that right because I'm always done my errands and still have to wait for weigh in to open. My normal meeting is always open early but I never know with different ones. Alas I probably could have gone earlier as I had to stand in line to buy more coupons. I weighed myself at home first and it was 174.6ish. I was totally expecting something around 175 on the WW scale. I stepped on their scale and saw 173.8 and I said "Awesome" out loud. I couldn't stay for the meeting as we were heading out of town but the topic probably would have been worth it as I think it was about getting back on track. I noticed the leader for this meeting is someone who has subbed more meeting before so I'll keep that in mind.

We were off to Banff by 12:45ish. When we got there we rented the x-country ski equipment, checked in and went in search of the trail. We found a frozen snow covered river instead. This freaked me out. I don't describe myself as adventurous, I'm a planner. The knowledge that there was freezing cold free flowing water underneath the sheet of ice was the freaky part.

I did manage to fall over while standing still with the skiis on while we sorted out where we were going. I had to take them off to get up and climb down the bank to the river and then I had a heck of a time with the binding on my right ski. The left one was no problem and the right one practically had me declaring defeat as I fell again because one skii (attached to me) got away from me. Kudos to my friend K who attempted to keep me positive. Finally we were moving I started out more walking then skiing as falling on the frozen river had me picturing breaking through the ice but it was all good. I did start to get the hang of it. I was still going slow but I was trying to get the gist of the movement. It sort of reminded me of skating but you don't push sideways and the rhythm of the poles with the skiis took awhile. It also reminded me of an elliptical machine (which I despise)  I then tried to travel over deeper snow and tumbled again which meant taking the skiis off to get up. At this point K was a mile ahead and I decided to pack it up. She did a few more laps while I sat on a bench talking to the locals and meeting all the dogs. I would love to try it again though.

Dinner was fondue at The Grizzly House. So yummy and decadent I must say. We had the complete fondue dinner which covers 4 courses. We started with french onion soup, then had the cheese fondue with bread, then I had the chicken and beef cooked on a hot rock by oneself. We finished off with the chocolate fondue.

Not WW friendly by any sense of the imagination but so good. Though in hind sight we should have had the veggie broth option instead of the cheese fondue due to having french onion soup.

We headed back to the hotel as we were both wiped. Friday is sort of your recovery day after our work schedule.

I felt a wee sore this morning but probably more due to the falling then the skiing. We went for breakfast at Coyotes Southwest Grill. I had the stuffed french toast and it was kind of funny. There's a cream cheese/ berry option and a swiss cheese/canadian bacon option. I had a hard time choosing so I went with the berry. When it came I dug into it I found the swiss/bacon option which was fine with me as it was awesome. You have two pieces on your plate. When I dug into the second piece it was the berry version so really I got the perfect option. The berry one was sweet so I'm happy that I got to try both.

We then walked around and I bought the Savasana wrap (pictured above) from Lululemon in a size 8. Normally at Lulu I'm a 12 but the wrap is roomy. I purposely bought the 8 so as I lose more weight it will still fit. I tried on the 10 as well and I knew it would be too big in no time. I've been eyeing this wrap forever.

No lunch was had as breakfast was huge and dinner will be light

We were then on our way back to Calgary. K graciously offered to go grocery shopping with me so I could get a ride home.

Now I'm zonked so it's loungy pants and cleaning off the pvr.

Tomorrow will be super on plan and exercise will be the priority. I follow Bob Harper on twitter and every so often he posts a thing on youtube that shows you an exercise. I'm thinking about getting his most recent dvd series. There's about 38 sleeps to Vegas and I need to go into high gear. So let the challenge begin.


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The Glitterati said...

That wrap looks so yummy, and I was literally thinking about trying XC skiing last night! Sounds like it'd be a mess for my uncoordinated self, but maybe a fun mess. :) And you're on Twitter?!