Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 49- All is good and the wigged out person is gone

Today was a far better day. I was assured and re-assured that I wasn't evil and all would be fine.

It helps I guess that I believe in taking accountability for my own actions. Good job to my parents.

Food wise was good today to and thankfully my plane landed on time.

While we were waiting to board a few people around me started to bemoan the chances of air flow control and I shushed them and told them to think postively. I guess it worked.

It did feel like an incredibly long 4 days this week so I have poured myself a cold Bud light lime with my dinner this evening. I am drained my friends.

One weird thing this week is I managed to lose two different socks. I did laundry at site on Monday and I'm pretty good about checking the washer and dryer as their communal so you don't want to leave anything behind but for some reason I wound up with a single white sock and a single black sock. For the past few days I've been checking the laundry room to see if they turned up and now I'm wondering where they could be. I was going to take them home but have not given up on the mystery and they might yet turn up.

Tomorrow I am definitely heading to the gym and there's two 30 min classes that I plan to check out and maybe even do the yoga class right after. I will be setting my alarm so I don't sleep until 10am. I have to keep a careful eye on the points as I'm meeting my friends tomorrow night at a pub. I think I'll eat dinner at home and then just have drink with them as weigh in looms on Saturday.

Hope your Thursday was fantastic.


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