Friday, May 14, 2010

Change in plans

Last night the tired got the better of me and I think the long space of time between lunch and dinner. I had an altercation with some mini peanut butter cups and ice cream. I didn't take the time to evaluate that I was tired and not hungry...not smart.

I slept in until 6:30am today and yes for me that's sleeping in.

I got up had breakfast which was Oatbran with one tblsp of brown sugar, but today I also added a wee bit of cinnamon and it took to a whole new level.

Then I headed out for a mega walk (definitely inspired by last night):

560 calories burned/ 1hr30/9.62K/ Pace 9:22- 6:21
Heart Rate: avg 76%, max 84%

It was super nice this morning, there was a wee breeze but kind of quiet so I did the route I had in my head. Then I got home and started thinking maybe I should just take today as a rest day.

I'll be right across the street from the grocery store tomorrow after weigh in. The front lawn can wait until tomorrow. I realized my freezer is kind of full so adding new meals might not be necessary.

Today I will focus on water and staying OP to face the scale tomorrow.

Enjoy your Friday!


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