Thursday, May 06, 2010

Walk it out

I don't know where my day went today. It started with a meeting then went to another 3 hour meeting, then had another meeting in the afternoon and shazaam it was time to go home.

At the 3 hour meeting they had muffins from Sunterra. I resisted for a long time but my stomach was growling so I had a muffin. The plus side I wasn't hungry at lunch at all. In the last meeting of the day I got tired and I really had to focus.

When I got home I realized I wasn't freezing in my tights and skirt so the weather was good enough to go for a walk. It was nice I needed that moment to get into the zone.

306 calories burned/ 51:13/ 5.25K/ Pace 9:45-6:45
Heart rate: 72% avg, Max 81%

Not my best time but that's o.k the purpose wasn't to be fast it was just to get some activity and put my focus on something else.

I've been on edge for the past few days and I'm not sure why. I think my brain just thinks to much some times. I analyze, over analyze and then analyze some more. I need to just chill sometimes.

I wore the Reebok Easytones around the house after I got home from my walk. I'll wear them to work and back tomorrow and perhaps when I take the dog for a walk. They definitely feel different then a normal pair of runners.

Short and sweet tonight my friends, I'm zonked.

Hope your Thursday was awesome.


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