Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is a set back not defeat

Despite my best efforts over the past 3 days I could not overcome my stupid behaviour of the beginning of the week as I was up 0.6. However  had I not put my best efforts in for the past 3 days it would have been a far worse gain. I do feel like I'm retaining water so that could be a part of it as well.

I used to take a notebook to my WW meetings to write down recipes or inspiring sayings, I haven't brought it with me in a long time. Today I brought it to record my feelings after the scale, not to be negative put to highlight what I did right and have a new goal for the week.

I learned a lot this week I do have to say. In my meeting we've often said it doesn't stop when you get to goal. The planning, the tracking, the being aware and being accountable will never stop. I know this is so true for myself. One woman in the meeting today said you can't do that forever, I have to disagree. I think it depends on the person. Some people can naturally eye portions and have will power. I know I will have to be conscious to build it into everyday habits. I am ruled by my emotions and I don't think that will ever go away but it can be managed. I need to remember to focus on bite by bite.

There was no reason I couldn't have handled myself better at the offsite. It was my decision to not have the best behaviours and not pack workout clothes so now I face the consequences but this is not defeat it's a lesson learned. I am bound and determined to be back at 20lbs down (plus a bit more) by next Saturday.

I hit the grocery store right after weigh in and got a cart full of healthy and flavourful options. I'm home all week this week so I can control all my options.

I'm reset and focused...period.

Enjoy your Saturday!


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