Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Selective amnesia

This is what I had on my two days in Fort McMurray as I didn't really follow any WW guideline the entire time. Well maybe one, I was pretty good with drinking water. My eating behaviour was awful as food was presented to us at every turn. We got goody bags filled with candy, I had a few swedish berries on Monday. Monday night all the candy went into the garbage. I didn't bring any workout clothes thinking we'd all be exhausted due to being out Monday night.

Oh we went out Monday night, I was in bed by 10:30pm not terrible. Went down to the lobby to get a coffee at 6:30 this morning an one of co-workers was coming back from a run. They go back to the hotel at midnight. I gave my myself a mental talking to today.

2mths, 3 weeks and 4 days to Vegas. I'm doubtful I'll be at goal but I can definitely be down to my lowest weight yet and that would be beating 168. This means I need to get serious now, no excuses at all.

I'm a bit afraid to step on the scale tomorrow morning for my traditional daily weigh in. It's important though as I need to acknowledge the damage done. I do know I need to get my act together over the next 3 days with no excuses.

Got home and was greeted my neighbour and the dog. Apparently the dog senses when I'm home on Tuesdays, how adorable is that. I had my act together tonight to take out the garbage and I think I got bitten by a mosquite. They're back - dang it.

I hope you had a great couple of days.


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