Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sometimes it takes a few kilometers

I watched BL (Biggest Loser) last night and I have to say not to upset Sunshine got booted. If I was forced to choose a favourite to win I'd probably go with Daris. It's been over the last few episodes that I felt he took the lead. Since this season began I've had a hard time really caring who won. For the longest time I thought Daris was kind of boring but that workout with Bob last week impressed me. The one where he kept making Daris do the exercise over everytime he gave up. We'll see what a month at home does next week. I'm finding the show is going overboard with product placement as well.

This morning I tried something a little different for breakfast. Two weeks ago in my WW meeting we talked about oatmeal and my leader mentioned it's important to up the protein as normal straight up oatmeal doesn't have much. I normally eat oatbran for breakfast, it sort of reminds me of cream of wheat and it's 1pt per serving. I'll have that with a glass of milk and then by 9:30am I'm starving. I eat breakfast at around 4:45am.

Today I decided to have Activia yogurt in addition to my oatbran. I wasn't hungry until noon. Mind you I was in a meeting all morning so I was distracted but my stomach never grumbled either. I'm going to try that tomorrow too.

For lunch my co-worker was buying so we went for Indian buffet. It was yummy and I think I chose fairly well given that everything seemed to have a sauce but I'm totally guesstimating on the points.

I've been trying to be really on top of  work stuff as I want to take Friday off. I have a wicked amount of yard work to do and the weather is supposed to be nice.  Next week I'm also in an offsite session in Fort McMurray on Monday and Tuesday, so I won't be sitting in front of my computer for three work days. This resulted in me leaving work a little later.

I knew I needed a workout today to get those Activity Points up and to offset the Indian buffet so I got home and immediately changed. I decided to explore more of my closer to home route. At first it felt like I was dragging myself through it and it took until about the 3K mark for me to get into it. When I was getting to the end of my route I started thinking of ways to make it longer.

Today's results:
445 calories burned/ 1hr11/ 7.65K/ Pace 9:34-5:54
Heart rate: avg 69%, max 75%

I definitely wasn't going 100% probably closer to 80%, I was tired but I'm happy I didn't let that stop me.

Tomorrow will also be late day and the afternoon is looking to be especially long. I have 16.5 AP so far this week so that's 1650 calories burned. I do want to earn a few more tomorrow. I'll get a workout in on Friday no matter if I have the day off or not. My goal is no less than 2000 calories burned for the week.

I hope your Wednesday was fantasic, talk to you tomorrow.


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Enz said...

My son refers to Sunshine as the "crybaby one". She cries ALL the time, good things, sad things, happy things...she is always crying..kinda ironic for someone named Sunshine maybe her name should be Rain :P

I'm rooting for Daris or Ashley now although I really do like Koli as well.

Do you think Ashley and Michael have a romance? I just noticed the last three or four shows that whenever something significant happens to one of them, the camera scans the other's face.