Wednesday, May 05, 2010

December in May

This morning I had to dig out my snow boots and winter jacket as it was -9C when I left for work. There was a dusting of snow all over my lawn and sidewalk. I had a feeling the sidewalk would melt but it's the wind that makes you miserable. If there wasn't wind it's probably closer to -1C.

Don't you just love spring? At one point I was on the main floor of my building and I looked out the window and you would have totally thought we were in the dead of winter.

The mega winds from the other day (80-100K) managed to damage a small portion of my fence. It's totally fixable but I'm not even attempting it until Saturday when it's rumored to be +10C.

I finally tabuluated the damage I did  to myself on Wednesday. I'm seeing a dangerous trend over the past few weeks and that's a ginormous amount of points midweek. So far it has hindered a loss but I'm thinking at some point my luck will run out. With the snow being on the icy side or blowing in your face I did not go for a walk tonight. Tomorrow I need to come home and straighten up as I get the neighbours dog on Friday. Yes, I straighten up for the dog. The dog and I will go for a walk on Friday no matter what the weather condition. I have 14 APs so far this week.

I finished watching BL tonight and I'm happy Sam went home. Now we're down to individual competitors. I thought it was sweet how BL has yet another love story.

Of course I could bring the gym bag tomorrow, hit the treadmill and then come home and straighten up. I'll work on talking myself into that. I'm in meeting after meeting tomorrow so I good jolt of cardio might not be a bad thing.

Got the Reebok Easytones today and I can't wait to try them. I just wore them around my living room and their super comfy.

That's all I got for tonight, hope your Wednesday was fantastic.



Blossom said...

That's crazy; it was about 24 degrees in Toronto today!

misssarahlou said...

Spring in Alberta = Snow, sun, more snow, more sun... please make up your mind! Hopefully we will get some good weather again this weekend!