Saturday, May 29, 2010


That is what was falling from the sky as I walked to WI today. It's a cross between rain and snow and would sometimes lean one way or another. On the sidewalks it looked like Sprite slurpee and parts were a wee slippery. When a glob fell of a tree or powerline it hit the ground like a water balloon. It's just miserable out there. I took the bus home as I didn't want to do the penguin walk home again.

I took my umbrella with me this morning as that kept me mostly dry. By the time I got to weigh in my backpack was wet and the last 3 inches of the hem on my sweat pants were soaked. There was a film of this stuff all over my lower body. I thought - Great, wet clothes weigh more than dry clothes. Weird thought perhaps but I was very focused on this weeks weigh in. I had thought of bringing a dry pair of workout pants just in case but I like to keep my weigh in uniform the same.

At weigh in I was 175.2 that's down 2.2, I'm happy with that. My goal was to obliterate the gains over the past two weeks and I did that plus squeeked out another .6.  My scale had me weighing between 174.5 to 175.1. I couldn't help wonder if I wasn't slightly drenched would I have squeeked into the 174s.

Watch those weigh in people's math, the chick at my scale started to write down .8 as she was doing the math in her head when I said I'm down 2.2. I don't trust them without a calculator.

The goal for next week is get myself to 173. I have 5 weigh ins left in my current WW membership book and I want to be down to or lower than my lowest weight so far on my WW journey which is 168. That's a minimum of 7lbs in 5 weeks, it can be done.

Workout will be indoors today as the weather is whacky and I think I'm going to do step aerobics again as the step is currently in the middle of living room.

Tentative plan to get together with D and H when they return from Drumheller for dinner but nothing in stone yet.

Other than that I hope all of you have a wonderful Saturday and are warm and dry.


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Anonymous said...

I just re-joinged WW too for like the umteenth time and I'm doing okay but finding your blog was inspiring! Way to go on the weight loss!! Check out my blog when you get a chance

Continued success in your journey!