Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The downlow on the BL

Yesterday I talked about priorities and today I managed not to workout, it happens. I had a hair appointment after work and it started to rain on my way home. My workout tonight was going to be mowing the lawn. I was going to put on the heart rate monitor too. I don't mow in the rain so that's post poned.

I came home had dinner (I was starving I tell you) and now I will sit and type. The original forecast said it would rain later and right not it looks like it will start any minute. I have been perfectly on plan today. I weighed myself when I got home (I do this) and saw a very promising number.

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Alright now onto Biggest Loser.

I never in a million years would have picked Michael to win. As I've said on this blog before I was not all that into this season. I'm not sure why they need to drag out the finale and I miss seeing the snippets of the final 3 at home.

The people who impressed me the most were Sherry, Melissa, Darryl, Maria, Stephanie. I think they had the biggest impression changes I did think Sherry's arm looked odd as if they were airbrushed. It's quite remarkable how some looked super toned and some had loose skin.

Kudos to Cherita who did that all on her own having spent 5 min on the ranch.

The past winners shot was interesting, I'd like to see a more comprehensive "where are they now". During the marathon show when Sione starts running with Daris, I thought Sione had put quite a bit back on. Eric who famously said "Biggest Loser let him down" in his A&E special seems to have been brought back into the fold with the Biggest Loser ranch. He did look more like he did when he won.

Shay did spectacular losing 50lbs in 6 months, I know a lot of people were expecting more but keep in mind she has multiple children and probably a job. I wish Subway had just given her the money.

I have to admit the "Biggest Loser" enterprise is a bit annoying between the product placments during the show and then the extra promos of the ranch, protein powder, exercise equipment. All it takes is one inspiring person like Abby and I'm sucked right back in. I do love to see the transformations though.

Completely not weight related, I loved Sam's hair, he was rockin' a 1950/Adam Beach sort of look.

I do find it funny that Biggest Loser has more marriages then The Bachelor/Bachelorette

Yes, I will be watching Season 10.

I had an awesome supper tonight that was a bacon tomato sandwith using Villagio Whole Wheat Bread (3), 3 slices back bacon (1), roma tomato, 1 tsp Hellman's Light Olive Mayo (0.5) and 1 tsp Philadelphia Garden Vegetable cream cheese (0.5).

Tomorrow the gym bag is going to work due to rain straight through till Sunday.

Hope you had a phenomenal Wednesday.


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