Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's about priorities

I left work on time today (I normally leave a little late) and headed straight for Walmart as I needed to pick up a few things and then I wanted to do my mega walk.  My goal was to be home in front of the tv in time to watch the Biggest Loser finale.

Well everything took a little longer and by the time I was heading out for the mega walk I realized if I wanted to do the route I wanted to I wouldn't be home in time. Then I thought "Duh" I was recording it on the pvr, I wasn't going to miss anything . The mega walk was the priority. I prefer watching shows on the pvr because I can then skip through all the commercials anyway.  I just finished watching it but I'm not going to talk about it today as some of you might not have seen it yet. I have time shifting on my digital cable so I technically watched in eastern standard time. I will say I was surprised.

I did walk home from Walmart (2.4K ish) and I grabbed my Nike+ from my bag and was in the process of putting it on my Reebok easytone before I trekked home then I realized the doohickey that attaches the sensor to my shoe was broken. That sucked as now I couldn't use it. I foresee a trip to the running room tomorrow to get a new holder and probably a spare.

Got home and did my 6 loop route but I had to adjust it thanks the city ripping out a fire hydrant.
366 calories burned/ 1:00:00/ 6.38k/ Pace 9:25-6:52/ HR Avg 75%/ HR Max 81% so add that to my walk home from Walmart I earned 5AP today.

While watching BL there was a promo for Jillian's new show. I'm looking forward to it and have a feeling I'll need a box of kleenex. One week with families who not only have weight issues but I'm guessing self esteem issues will no doubt have the breakthroughs that make me teary eyed.

On the tracking front I've noticed one interesting thing between WW and Daily Plate. Daily Plate has assigned me 1248 calories per day to achieve a 2lb loss per week. On WW I currently get 23pts so if you figure that one point is roughly 50 calories works out to 1150. Add 5 flex points (35/7) and it's 1400. Every time I entered calories burned into Daily Plate it increases my calories to eat what I've burned. On WW it's an option to eat your APs or not. This week I'm concentrating on the points more than the Daily Plate. How I go forward will depend on the results at Saturdays weigh in.

I had my day planned out today and found it worked well as an anchor. Every time my thoughts strayed to going off the plan of the day I was brought right back into focus by looking at it. Now all I need to do is repeat that tomorrow.

Hope you had an amazing Tuesday.


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Looking forward to your BL comments :)