Saturday, May 08, 2010

One more tick

One more tick on my goal list, I got my 10% keychain today at WW. Well my 2nd 10% keychain as I've been to this spot before. I'm down 20.4 today and that's the exact weigh I was down when I got my first keychain. Of course the new one is far prettier than the previous version but we'll see how long the shine lasts.

My leader asked me to share my journey. I wasn't crazy about that. All I said was this is my 3rd time trying WW (started with meetings, tried online, went back to meetings), I've got to this point before but this time I'm not stopping.

There is a part of me that's rather disappointed in myself for not following the journey through the first time. Which is why I wasn't so crazy about sharing "my journey". I know that lessons had to be learned for me to truly get it and to truly focus on it. Heck even now that focus can fluctuate but I haven't given up. I'm not afraid of goal and I've learned to focus on mini victories (which might not quite be so apparent in this blog entry) as opposed to the enormity of the final goal.

In my head the true success starts to happen when I break 168lbs. That's the lowest I have ever been while trying to lose weight and that was in my first atttempt at WW. I was there for exaclty one week then I drifted into the 170s and stayed there for a long time. I then stopped going to meetings and tried online. I then drifted within 8lbs of my original start weight of 204lbs before recommitting myself to this journey on Jan 2. Being lower than 168lbs starts a whole new world for me.

Of course I'm proud of being down 20.4, I had a loss of 2.6 today. That's pretty smashing for me who likes to average 1lb per week. The next repeat goal is the 25lb charm, last time it was fridge magnet which I still have. So I guess I can consider that as new as I've never had a charm for the keychain before.

This is how the week broke down.

Total points available: 196 (23 per day plus the 35 Flex)
Points eaten: 210.5
Total APs earned: 21
APs not eaten: 6.5

I wore the Reebok Easytones to work and back yesterday. On the way home I had my computer backpack and some supplies from Walmart to fix the fence. I walked home from Walmart and I was exhausted by the time I got home. I think was partially due to the shoes and the weight of what I was carrying. I definitely feel more bouncy when I wear these.

I picked up the dog when I got home and we went for a 5.6k walk. I switched to my normal runners for this. The dog did effect my pace bringing it to an average of 12:06 thanks to the stopping at every bush for the first while. Later on though she kept me at a pretty good pace. I just did what I normally call my extra loops on my mega walks with one new one. That burned 331 calories.

The dog just went home and I think I'll do laundry. Tomorrow I need to grocery shopping, fix the fence and go for a mega walk. She never left my side today which through a wrench into some of the things I wanted to do.

Today we went for a short walk, I let her decide when we'd turn back and I wore the easytones again.

My focus this week is to keep the momentum going and focus on that 25lbs down.

Hope you had a fabulous Saturday!!



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Jams said...

Yay for reaching your 10%! As for doing it 3 times... That's nothing girl. I joined WW no less than 13 times over the years. I reached my goal & lifetime once and then gained the weight back.

I have since, re-joined and gotten back to lifetime. I am proud to say, I've maintained for over a year now and am working for WW as a receptionist and a leader!

You can (and more importantly, WILL) do it!!!!!

Lisa said...

I've started following your journey, and you're giving me hope! Good to hear about the easytones, too. I've been thinking about getting them, but haven'tKeep up the great work!

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