Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rest Day

I opted to take it easy activity wise today as my plan is to workout Mon - Fri this week. I did go for a mega walk yesterday which resulted in:

474 calories burned/ 1:16/8.17K/Pace 9:21-5:31
Heart rate: Avg 74%, Max 83%

Towards the tail end of that walk I could feel that my left ankle wasn't very happy so I thought a rest today may just be what it needed. Especially because I was staying home so it truly had a rest.

I accomplished laundry and then sort of worked my way through the pvr. I did make hamburgers as a protein source for this week. Safeway had no ground turkey when I went on Saturday so I got extra lean ground beef instead. It's been awhile since I brought that home.,

In my hamburgers went onion, garlic, Dijon mustard, cattle boyz BBQ sauce, a smidgen of chipotle chili powder, egg white  and some S&P, I then put them on a broil pan in the oven so it could still drain off some fat and then on paper towel when they were done. I ran the recipe through recipe builder to double check the points. They work out to just under 3pts but I'm counting them as 4pts each. I had one with a WW hamburger bun for lunch with steamed asparagus on the side - it was yummy.

What I love about making hamburgers is that I can use it as a hamburger or a mini meatloaf, or cut it up and add it to spaghetti sauce as a "meatball". I like the versatile.

In the meeting yesterday we talked a lot about protein as breakfast was the topic. I do remember towards the tail end of high school and pretty much all through University not being a fan of breakfast but at some point I realized that wasn't terribly smart. I now can't start my day without breakfast. To be honest I don't really pay attention to protein on nutrition labels and was pleasantly surprised to see my oat bran has 7g.

I decided to simultaneously track on Livestrong this week to see what the breakdown of my eating is. I'm still tracking points in my tracker and then I go there and plunk it in. I'm especially curious about my protein levels as I'm not particular good at getting that in.

Tomorrow will most likely be a mega walk and I need to tame some branches in my yard.

Hope you had a fantastic Sunday.



carla said...

just delurking to give you props for the rest day.
recovery is SO UNDERRATED and its when we grow (muscle) and that jacks up our metabolism!

have a great monday.
Im off to embrace and start mine.


Christina said...

I loved the meeting topic this week about breakfast not because I don't eat breakfast, I always do but they gave some great meal ideas to keep us full and satisfied.