Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Oy vey, I added up the points for the last two days in Fort McMurray, that is some scary stuff so now I'm in full fledged damage control mode.

Today I focused on staying on track food wise:

B: Oatmeal, 1 tbsp brown sugar, glass of milk
S: Large Tim's coffee - 2 milk, 2 sugar
L: Veggie sushi and edamame
D: Chickpea salad (chickpeas, red onion, celery, a smidgen of olive oil, red wine vinegar, s&p) and tomato salad (2 roma tomatoes, green onion, 1 tbsp Fig Balsamic dressing)
Strawberries cut very thinly with a sprinkling of sugar.
Of course drank a good amount of water.

Finished off with a total of 20pts - yes I'm 3pts under my day but that's not a bad thing after the last two days.

Walked past Jugo Juice at one point and see that they now sell salads. Well two in one salads I guess. The container is divided in two with two different salads I saw the chickpea salad/ bulgur salad. No NI on the package. I checked their website - nothing. I emailed asking for it so we'll see if they respond.

I got home from work and rain drops were falling so I didn't change into workout clothes plus I left my Ipod nano at work. I can't workout without music especially my mega walks as I need the tunes to keep my pace going. Then I thought I should dig out the Ipod touch. It was totally dead so I charged it. Then thought to update the playlists and found out I needed a software update, that took awhile I tell you.

I got all that sorted looked outside and saw blue skies so I headed out for a mega walk. The Ipod touch looked like a pack of cigarettes in the built in pocket of my exercise pants.

Tonight's workout:

357 calories burned/ 6.25K/ 58min17/ pace 9:20- 6:31
Heart rate: avg 73%, max 81%

This is 6 blocks (looping around the entire block). I did the exact same route on Sunday. Today I was 3min faster burned 7 less calories. I do see that I'm getting more fit but it's slightly irritating that I have to work harder to get the same calories burned.

On my walk I ran into the Hell's angels of Vespas. I saw one guy zipping down the road on one wearing a full scale black motorcycle helmet with horns. Oh yeah you're bad - zipping along at 30km/hr. I turned the corner and saw a group of people huddled around a whack of vespas. They must have had about 12 in total  dating from the 1960s to now. It was interesting.

Got home just as the clouds looked to be rolling in.

The plan to repeat my focused behaviour tomorrow.

Hope you had a fabulous Wednesday.


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