Saturday, May 15, 2010

Every bite

"Every bite leads you a step closer to goal or a step further away from it"

This was the saying of the day at my WW meeting and it reflected my mood as I was up 1lb today. I was not happy. I knew I'd see a gain today but that wasn't the reason I wasn't happy. My home WW scale had me up .3 and the meeting up a pound.

I ate half a point less than I ate last week. I earned exactly the same amount of activity as last week. Last week I lost 2.6.

The gain was caused by having some pretty high point days on Wednesday and Thursday which is way too close to weigh in day. On Friday I tried to mitigate the damage by eating a little lower (20pts as opposed to 23) and earned 5AP. I tried to save my week in one day, not the smartest thing to do as that never works.

I failed to plan this week which of course means I planned to fail. However a pound is a pound, yes I'm disappointed in myself because this is my first gain in 8 weeks. Am I derailed and am I going to drown my sorrows in ice cream? Hell no, the lesson is learned.

I know my water was iffy this week. I was tired and not making an effort to think things through. Well that's done. This is a new week so I'm resetting my head to focus on the positive.

My major hurdle this week is being in offsite meetings on Monday and Tuesday but I'm still in control of my choices. These meetings lead into dinner and that always involves alcohol but knowing that in advance helps me prep my head. That pound plus a little more will be off by next Saturday. Booyah!

I walked to weigh in and home with a whack of groceries. I'm just having a wee rest as I have a bit of headache. I'll have lunch and then head out to tackle the front lawn. That will be my primary source of AP today.

Enjoy your Saturday!


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