Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting in the zone

When I left for work it wasn't raining, then it rained all day and on the bus ride home it started to snow. It was truly remarkable as we literally turned a corner and the snow started to fall.

Good thing I brought the gym bag to work.

I had decided to go to Subway for lunch today. I have a love hate relationship with Subway. When I worked in a mall I ate there a lot and not so healthy (I miss you meatball sub). Now of course I stick to the 6 under 6 selection. Today it was ham on whole wheat with cheese, veggies and mustard. I find getting it toasted avoids what I truly dislike which is soggy Subway. I was sitting with 3 co-workers. They all went to Taco Bell. I was kind of proud of myself that I stuck to my plan and wasn't swayed by looking at their fries supreme. I'm not going to kid myself their supreme fries did look really good.

I'm doing well plan wise this week. I'm actually looking forward to weigh in.

I hit the treadmill after work and my goal was stay on that thing until 400 calories were burned. My Garmin FR60 doesn't show calories on the display while doing the exercise unlike my Garmin 305. So I had to sort of guess how long it would take to get to 400 calories, I figured 7.5K ish should do it.

I started listening to my ipod while watching the tv with no sound. I started with Rachel Ray and it was alright but then I wanted something more visual. I then switched to food network. Bad idea as that only made we think of food. I turned it off and just looked straight ahead. I do appreciate that the treadmills face a window but staring at one spot takes a little adjustment. At one point I totally forgot about that and I was just in the zone focusing on the lyrics of the songs. I could feel the sweat running down the back of my neck so I knew I was doing something. When my attention started to wander I just chanted 174. I want to see at least 174 at the scale on Saturday as I want to eliminate both gains over the last two week and get back on track.

Today's workout was:
427 Calories burned/ 8.17K/ 1:12:38/ Pace 8:53
Heart rate: Avg 136, Max 159 (FR60 doesn't do the percentage like 305).

I was not all that prepared today as I forgot a water bottle and had no post workout snack. So I swung by Sunterra to grab a bottle of water and some cut up strawberries. I had a feeling it would be a long wait for the bus. I had to walk by their bakery counter (chock full of tempting delights)  and the cookies (many, many cookies)  to get to the water and strawberries. They have this peanut butter chocolate chip cookie that's so good. These cookies are massive. I resisted. I walked in got what I wanted and walked out.

Tonight I got an email from the friend I'm going to Vegas with. We're celebrating his birthday and I have been told the plan for the actual birth day while in Vegas. He wants us both to dress in all white, go for dinner and then see Donnie and Marie.

I avoid white like the plague. Forever and a day I always thought it made me look bigger and I'd only dress in dark clothes to become invisible. Now I embrace colour more but not so much white. I need to make the next 2 mths and 3 weeks count. I did see a rather cute one shoulder white dress in the window of the bay. It did have a a little colour on it so it probably doesn't pass muster for P's birthday extravaganza in Vegas :)

I'm not sure what my activity will be tomorrow. It will still be raining but I'm thinking of digging out my Kathy Smith Step Aerobics dvd instead of the treadmill. It's been ages since I've done it and I think I need to diversify a bit in activity to not get bored.

I hope you all had a fabulous Thursday.


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