Thursday, May 20, 2010

My self talk is a bully

Long day today as it all went pear shaped first thing in the morning. I had meeting after meeting after meeting scheduled today. The first one started an hour late thanks to one participant missing the flight from Edmonton to Calgary. He was stuck in security when they boarded the plane. I asked him how far ahead of departure time did he arrive at the airport. He said 45 minutes. At this point I must have looked at him like he was an idiot. I suggested that next time he should be at the airport 90min before the flight. Those first thing in the morning flights are full of business travellers especially between Calgary and Edmonton.

Of course every other meeting now started late as well. I started to wonder if lunch would even happen today but I had a 15min window at one point. I ran down to Jugo Juice and got a Jr. Jugo and one of the new salads. This was the half chickpea and have bulgur salad. When I got home I looked up the NI again just to see if maybe I missed it yesterday. Sure enough it was on their website. The chickpea salad was really good as it had a bit of a kick to it and the bulgur wasn't so bad either. The chickpea salad is 3pts and the bulgur is 2pts. Not too bad.

I left work late thanks to the domino effect of the meetings being pushed back. The wind was wicked after I left the office on my way to the bus stop and I thought a walk may not happen tonight. I got knocked off balance waiting for the walk light.

I got home and decided to make the ground turkey in my fridge into taco turkey. I decided to try the Epicure taco seasoning instead of the 25% less sodium Taco Time seasoning mix. I was disappointed. The Epicure version tasted too much like turkey not enough taco and I added 2 tbsp of the seasoning. I lost interest in that idea and had 2 pieces of Be Still bread with pure raspberry jam instead.

I then looked out the window and thought the wind didn't look so bad so my bully of a self talk told me to change, get the heart rate monitor and put on my runners.

Last night I did the 6 loop version of my neighbourhood walk. Tonight I did the 7 loop version which resulted in:

439 calories burned/ 1hr10/ 7.45K/ Pace 9:25-6:27
Heart rate: Avg 75%, Max 82%

I didn't feel like I was going very fast and I literally had to have mini celebration thoughts as I completed each loop to make myself keep going. The wind would gust up every so often and make it more challenging. I think that's why my heart rate was a wee higher even though I was a wee slower.

I think it might be a ghost town at work tomorrow as I heard quite a few people saying they were talking tomorrow off to make an extra extra long weekend. I have too much to do tomorrow, though if I put my nose down I might be able to liberate myself a little early.  I was totally OP today so one more day to go until weigh in.

Hope you had a fabulous Thursday.



H-woman said...

Here's a link to the recipe they suggest for taco filling:

Hope tomorrow goes better!

Carol said...

Sorry to hear about your Epicure scenario. I usually eye-ball the measurements, and taste through-out, as it is different for us all. And if you really wanted some kick, you could get the Chipotle Chili powder and add some of that - just a dash though, as it is POTENT! Let me know if I can help out with Epicure is my life, after all!