Monday, May 24, 2010

Tracking Diva

I'm pretty good at tracking all my food but I could be a lot better, especially the bite, licks and tastes that sometime/frequently sneak through. I have moments where I'm not completely honest with my WW tracker which is ridiculous because I'm only fooling myself. 

As I told you yesterday I'm tracking on Daily Plate - Livestrong (found a whack of WW people on there) as well to see exactly how it all breaks down. Well I also subscribe to e-tools, I have since I rejoined WW. I never really tracked there as I do enjoy my 3 month paper journal but I use it for NI and the recipe builder mostly. Well today I logged in there and added everything for this week.  I decided to do this duplicate effort as I like the e-tools for planning and the paper journal for final recording (without stuff scratched off). Plus I thought I'm paying for this anyway so why not make use of the whole thing. The paper journal is important to me as I'm not always in front of a computer and it feels more tangible to me.

On day 3 of my WW/ Daily Plate tracking I have to say I like it. Daily Plate shows you the complete NI for food item so when WW doesn't have it I can get the info from there.

Then I have my spreadsheet but I don't track daily stuff on that it's more the week in review or weight, % of body fat and etc.

Yes, I'm pretty much treating myself as a science experiment. I like the data, no that's not true. I love the data. Especially when weight loss can be so cruel i.e. work hard and no result on the scale sort of stuff. I can truly see my behaviour and if it helped or hindered.

I headed out for my mega walk this morning and I saw quite a few people roaming about in workout gear.

441 calories burned/ 1:11/ 7.62K/ Pace 9:19-5:52
Heart rate: 72% avg, 84% max

I tried the radish hash browns for lunch. I had that with scrambled eggs (one egg/ 3 egg whites), red onion and red pepper. The hash browns do lose the spiciness of the raw radish but it didn't quite remind of potatoe hash browns. I'm not sure if I'll make them again but I'm glad I tried it.

I should go outside and clean out my flower beds but I'm not feeling it today.

Side note: I've been watching the Bulging Bride/ Last 10lb boot camp marathon on slice on and off throughout the day. I find the Bulging Bride one a little funny as it seems the fiance always eats something forbidden in front of the bride and she gets snarky.

The Bachelorette starts tonight and I'm looking forward to it - yes I am geek and totally proud of it.

To all my Canadian friends enjoy your Victoria Day. No matter where you are I hope you have a fabulous Monday.



Kelly said...

I just found your blog tonight while searching for weight-loss blogs. I'm also doing WW, and I see our weights are almost identical!

Christina said...

I track everywhere too. On e-tools, in my notebook and on spark people, I like to try and see all that is going into my weight loss.