Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trains, just planes

I get on one very very very early tomorrow to head to Fort Mac and then I'll be on one every week from now on. Which means very very very early mornings on Mondays.

The plan is to be in bed early tonight so I'm somewhat functional tomorrow. I have travel companions tomorrow as two of my co-workers are also going so that will be fun.

I'll really miss these people when I spend two days a week elsewhere. They're a great group.

It was bit odd thinking what I needed for Fort Mac and site plus realizing I wouldn't be back at that desk until Wednesday.

I am looking forward to Friday off but that will be all about the test and a paper. Then after the test will be reviewing the paper and submitting it. Sunday I must hit the gym for a make up workout that I miss tomorrow. I will create something and share it with you.

Yoga was good yesterday but we did these crazy moves where you were isolating your leg and whoa I could feel that. We did this new flow I've never heard of called Kali. I liked it so I'll have to google it and see if I can remember the sequence.

Alright tales of Fort Mac tomorrow - one of my other co-workers is celebrating 35 years with the company tomorrow. Craziness.

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