Monday, April 27, 2009

Electrolyte issues?

Workout tonight was rough and not too far into it everytime I crouched down I felt like I was going to toss my cookies. I didn't complete it as I had to take breaks to shake off the icky feeling.

It began with traditional warm up.

Then 21 Dumbell push presses (bend knees and push up holding two 15lb dumbells)
21 Dumbell squats - same weight
The waiter walk - one 15lb dumbell holding in one hand your arm straight up, walk about 50 feet, switch hands and walk back.
45sec Plank

Repeat with 18 sets, 15 sets, 13 sets - boy I tell you the waiters walk and plank just about killed me.

Next round:
21 dumbell thrustes - 2x 15lbs
21 sumo wrestler lift - long dumbell, legs wide apart, grip in the centre, lift weight to chin will keeping a flat back to chin, kind of like a plunging motion.
21 dumbell swings - 20lbs
45sec wall sit

Then 18, 15 - I died somewhere in the 18 range as every time I dipped I felt nauseous.

Then it was a bunch of sit ups, push ups and pull ups. At this point I was totally out of it. I got the push ups and the sit ups done but never made it to the pull ups. Laying on my back on the mat was awesome.

Trainer told me to get gatorade on the way home. I'm not sure what it was. I do have a hard time fueling myself for a trainer workout. This is intense stuff I can totally understand what the Biggest Loser people go through. Can't imagine doing it all day. If I eat too soon before hand I feel gross, if I eat too far before workout I feel gross. I've got to figure that one out. Maybe I'm eating the wrong stuff. I need to do some research on that.

On to other stuff - I love the Yubisaki pillow, I wasn't so sure after the first couple of nights but now I'm hooked. No neck or shoulder goofiness at all. I've always adored my bed from Ikea but now it's especially difficult to get up.

Yoga tomorrow and I hope it's a decent flow and not 80% downward dog.

So far 2 goals Chicago, zip for's do or die tonight for my dear Flames. Come on boys, I believe in you.



The Glitterati said...

So, not that I am any expert at all, but I've read that when weight training (or resistance training), your body can only use glycogen. So, if you don't have enough glycogen in your system, you will just be plain wiped. This is unlike cardio, which first uses glycogen, and then fat stores if there's no glycogen. This is why people generally recommend doing weight training first, and then cardio, if both are in the same workout. Accordingly, cardio on an empty stomach is ok (b/c you'll just start burning fat stores) but weight training on an empty stomach is not so good (b/c you just won't have any fuel to use).

Luckily, there are lots of glucose-rich foods that aren't very heavy. I'd bet that a glass of juice or piece of fruit 30 mins before a workout would do it. (If you have a starchy meal, it needs to be eaten 2-3 hours in advance, to give time for it to break down into simple sugars.)

And then post-workout, it's all about protein if you've been weight training (to help repair the tiny [and expected] muscle strains that happen during resistance work), and carbs within 30 mins after any workout to (I think) build up muscle stamina. A yogurt & slice of toast w/ jam, or latte & banana usually does the trick for me. Those protein shakes would work too. Minimal fat intake pre or post workout though, b/c it slows down the absorption of everything else.

And Flames... UGH. At least it wasn't a shut out, I guess.

Sharon said...

Oh wow, look at you go. You're doing awesome. And Yubisaki pillow?