Saturday, April 04, 2009


Cruising through the blogs tonight I stopped by BionicWoman's blog and she had this picture on hers and I had to follow the link. OMG how cute are these. I'm totally coveting the small downward and upward dog. Head over to Yoga Zoo for a closer look.
Spa was good but I wanted to punt one woman with a magazine because she was chatting away on her cell phone in the relaxing area. This is an absolute spa no no. It began with the massage and apparently I have angry rhomboid muscles and she worked them. I went in for deep tissue and she did really well. My hamstrings have no issues today at all. The pedicure was fantastic as well especially the sugar scrub and paraffin wax. I picked a rockin' blue colour and despite hanging out for an additional 15 minutes waiting for the polish to dry my big toes were smudged by the time I got home. It was funny she did ask me if I brought flip flops, the reason I thought this was funny is that there is still gobs of snow out there. It's not flip flop weather yet.
This has inspired me to find a similar blue colour thought. It looks damn good against pale skin. I couldn't buy it there as it had to be ordered. I'm not truckin' all the way down there just to pick up a nail polish.
Did a killer grocery shop today that needed a cab ride home. Of course when I got home from the spa I was passing barbeque smells and had a huge craving for steak. I don't have steak so instead bit of a treat I called Panago and ordered a small Steak Mushroom Melt pizza and a garden salad (I love their salad). It's all very yummy.
However it's just a treat. Tomorrow is cooking day and I've already put all the point values on everything I purchased today. I have options in my kitchen right now. Something I'm trying this week is to decide my supper the night before so if there's any prepping that needs to be done I can do it while making that nights dinner. It's my attempt at speeding up the process especially on gym nights.
I'm also going to bring my own coffee to work. The free stuff at work is terrible. Stopping at Tim's each day or Starbucks is costing money and calories. You see when I make coffee at home I use light canned milk so cream like texture no where near the calories. I'll be dusting off the timer on my coffee machine.
Tomorrow is cooking, laundry, vacuuming and reading day and perhaps I'll see if the dog next door is available for a walk.


el8tedinak said...

Those 'yoga' animals are cute as heck! Have a great day tomorrow, sounds similar to what I have planned (house work!) :)

The Glitterati said...

Whoo, glad you enjoyed your massage and pedi, you've definitely earned it! :)

What kind/brand of blue was the polish? Let me know if you want me to help hunt for a similar shade, I might be placing an order soon! :) Oh, and quick-dry topcoat is a life-saver... Poshe, and Orly In a Snap are good, can be bought (I think) at Trade Secret's but are expensive there. Essie's Good to Go is also good if you get a fresh bottle. Like $10 (Shopper's just started carrying the line too!) but worth it b/c you don't have to be immobile for an hour after you put polish on.

The Glitterati said...

Was it this one? Hot shade! It's called Witch's Blue. Orly polishes apparently take for-ev-er to dry, even w/ a quick dry topcoat. OPI's Yoga-ta Get This Blue is a similar shade but a bit darker (comparison pic here, Orly on index, OPI on ring finger). Sephora by OPI's Opening Night (pic) also looks similar, and is probably a bit easier to find.