Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brain fuzz

My brain is fuzz. I've spent the weekend studying for the mega exam of May 2nd. I got through 13 modules and have one remaining. It's labour relations so I think I'll leave that for tomorrow as that's more complicated and requires a fresh brain.

My master plan was to read through everything at least once this weekend and then review again over the week. I still have another weekend before the test but I thought focusing on practice exams might be good because then I know the weak areas to focus on.

I'm taking the day off before the test so I can have more quiet review and I'm thinking some Yoga Nidra to ensure a calm mind.

Last time I wrote this I finished 2% shy of moving onto the 2nd test. This time I want to be damn sure I make it to the 2nd test.

I'm doing this online prep course and the video lectures are given by one of the authors of a Human Resources Management text book. It's not the one I used when I took the class but I figure close enough so I'm taking that to work with me to review.

This woman's voice is mega irritating, maybe it's not the voice but she kind of explains everything in a kindergarten teacher kind of voice. In other words sounds like she's talking to a 5 year old.

Other news of the weekend down 2lbs, yeah. I admit I was hoping for some mega amazing result but I'm quite happy with that.

7th last training session tomorrow so stay tuned for that.

I fell victim to an infomercial, this does happen but I didn't buy it off of TV. I found it on Ebay for cheaper. I am the proud owner of the Yubisaki pillow.

I now have an ergonomic pillow from Ikea, which is fine if you sleep on your side or back. I sleep on my right side, my left side, my back and my stomach. Yes sometimes I wish I could count this as activity points. So the ikea pillow did not work so well for stomach sleeping as I would be awkwardly angled on the end. So this new pillow is different and the test is tonight.

I shall report back on that just because I can.

So happy Sunny won Project Runway Canada. That guy is gifted and I think the best I've seen on this show including the US version.

I'm watching Miss USA in the background and wondering why they're all blond and named Kristen. Man I wish I had their abs.


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--cara said...

Congrats on the weight loss. 2 pounds is great! Good luck on the test. My daughter's going through the same thing right now. Cram, cram, cram and hope its enough. Good luck!