Thursday, April 23, 2009

The filthy fifties return...

The workout that is.
This is what we did tonight.

Warm Up 1000m on the rowing machine

50 box jumps - yes even I did this but mine was a low box
50 assisted chin ups
50 dumbell swings - 20lbs
50 walking lunges
50 sit ups
50 push presses - 35lbs
50 wall ball - in a squat position throw a 10lb medicine ball against a wall so it bounce off about 6 feet above your head, catch it and repeat
50 modified burpees (off a bench as opposed to the floor)
200 skipping rope jumps

Holy Moly I was tired after the 50 box jumps. I have a feeling I'll be sore tomorrow.
However I finished everything and trainer said I looked fitter...I think I was wearing a looser shirt but I appreciate the comment. I'll have to take measurements this weekend and see if there is a change.

The first time I did the filthy fifties there were 6 exercises, tonight I did 9 in the same amount of time. That is progress my friends.

It's official I head out to camp for two days a week every week starting May 4th. So this kills my Monday gym workout with trainer and depending on what flight I get home my Tuesday yoga class. Trainer is cool with one day a week but that does put the responsibility squarely on my shoulders to make up the work.

Right now my flight gets in at 6:45 which will be tough to get across town and ready for yoga at 7:30 but I'll try. There is a better flight however it's full but our lovely admin person is keeping an eye out on for me. There is one other flight that could get me home sooner but it's via Saskatoon. Yes, northern Alberta to Saskatoon to southern Alberta...otherwise known as the milk run. That's an extra hour in the air. Forget that.

Now the other challenge will be eating carefully on site. I can't say the menu selections are necessarily healthy but there's always options including veggies. I must chant the rule of half plate of vegg, 1/4 protein, 1/4 starch/grain. I must commit to a Monday night workout in one of the site gyms.

Alright my friends I must figure out dinner and hope into a warm bath.


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Kelly said...

Holy Moly! I had to read this to my family. We're all very impressed. Wow.