Friday, May 01, 2009

D-Day tomorrow

Hello hello,
Fort Mac was great and the weather was quite nice, when I returned to Calgary I was practically blown off the steps of the plane by forceful gusts of wind.

I do enjoy visiting my Fort Mac co-workers. Everyone is super nice and I love their cubicles compared to the one I have here. I get a weird sense of a pride everytime I go there as you truly see the vastness of everthing we do.

I was bagged by the time I got home. The flight home is an hour earlier now but still being up at 3:30am causes a mega overtired feeling when you get home by 7:30pm.

Today I slept in until 7:30am and did another practice test better than the last one but not good enough to pass the test. Still not worried. I've reviewed all the questions from those two tests and the questions that were in the book I used last year. I'll do the third practice test after dinner and review those questions. Then it's a nice soak and good sleep.

Then bright and early tomorow I head to the University to write the damn thing.

I then have to come home and write a paper. I was thinking about going to Wolverine but I should write the paper first.

Once all that's done I need to get my head around what I need to take to camp for my 48 hour weekly journey. I have this military operation coordinated so I can still go to yoga on Tuesdays and it involves dropping off my yoga stuff with my neighbour on Sunday and then racing like the wind from the airport directly to yoga. I'm not so sure about wearing my yoga stuff on the plane home but I might be able to stop home change and run.

Until tomorrow...

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