Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trainer found a new toy

Tonight's training session will be difficult to describe because we did a lot of new things but I'll do my best to describe.

It began with regular warm up.

Then he had us do "Box Squats"
It started with 4 step risers (the things that make it higher) stacked on top of each other with a milk crate on top of that.

Now you had to stand in front of this and squat until your butt touched the top of the crate will holding a long stick across the back of the top of your shoulders. We did that a few time and then he removed 2 risers and we did 8 more. Then it was just the crate and we did two sets of 10.

The thing about this move is you have to stick your butt way out (I called in peeing in the woods where you don't want your butt touching anything). You're dipping so low that your body fights you and wants to pitch forward to balance out but no your thighs and butt are doing all the work.

Then we moved on to one of the new toys ...kettlebells.
First 21 dumbell swings using an 8lb kettlebell. Now 8lbs isn't so much for me anymore but the kettlebell part made the whole exercise seem different. Different muscles were engaged to prevent that bell swinging behind my head and just to hang on to the damn thing.

Then it was 21 dumbell thrusters with a 35lb kettlebell. OMG this was hard, you had to almost hold it like you're holding a bowling ball so the handle is facing down. These got so hard for all of us that we got switched to the lower weight kettlebell.

Next he tied a 25foot long rope type thing to a 45lb weight and you had to squat at the end of the rope and now pull the weight toward you hand over hand. Repeat this twice.

Now repeat all this another two times changing the reps on the swing and the thruster to 15 and then 9. The next time you do the rope pull add another 25lbs to it and now you're pulling 70lbs for two more times.

Next it was spin bike for 2mins - 30 sec sitting, 1 min standing, 30 sec sitting.

Next for 1 minute as many as you can - Sumo deadlifts - Bar weight 45lbs, squat in front of it and grab it at the top in the middle with your hands right next to each other. Now stand up bringing the weight to just under your chin. On the way down pause at hips and then lower to the floor in your squat.

Next for 1 minute as many as you can - bench press with kettlebells - lying on the floor in bridge pose hold one kettlebell in each hand so the bell is at the back of your hand. Push weights up so they touch each other now lower and repeat. This was bizarre as you're trying to keep the kettlebells stationary, trying to keep your hips off the floor and focusing on getting your arms up.

Repeat the above 3 exercises 3 times.

For the end it was 3 sets of 3min of new style sit ups with 1 minute rest in between. New style sit ups, lie on the floor with a folded up towel under the small of your back. But your soles together and now do the sit up. The towel kind of gives your back something to swing off the floor with.

I think new muscles will hurt tomorrow.

So now we're counting down the remaining sessions. Trainer is still trying to convince me to sign up for more sessions. The other day he told me the gym was hiring, I just shook my head. It's not that I want to leave my job, I just want to survive the merger.

Even if I get more sessions it's still a gym membership on top of that. The membership I'm stuck with until January.

I will miss him but then I realized I can still come at the same time and just observe and get ideas while doing a different workout. Goodness knows I own enough material to create weight workouts between biggest loser, bob, jillian and other training books.

I will borrow one thing for sure and that's writing the workout down and taking that with me to the gym. Plan the workout ahead of time and put it in writing. All the trainers have the workout written on a pad of paper that they run around with.

Got the news today that I will be getting on a plane more often at least once a week and be on site for a day or two a week. That's alright and doesn't shake up my schedule too bad. Not sure when that will start but probably soon.

Totally OP today again...whoo hoo.

Alright that's it for today.



The Glitterati said...

OMG your workouts are amazing! You are a bit of a superwoman in my mind. ;) And big congrats on keeping OP!!!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Kettle bells are scawy!!!

You will have all of your trainer workout documented here, so you can always refer back and write yourself out the different routines and then you will have the same just have to remember his voice in your head so you don't slack!