Saturday, April 25, 2009

New food find

Before I begin, let me first say hi to Sarah and congratulations on her little one (Completely adorable by the way). Check out her new blog at elephantsteps.blogspot -she's also follows me -totally honored by the way. I'm happy she's back as I've always enjoyed her blog.

Tonight for supper I decided to try the new Mcain Sweet Potatoe Super Fries. Right away I'm a bit miffed that their more expensive, smaller package and the same point value as the regular potatoe super fries (3).

I'm very picky when it comes to sweet potatoe fries. I only like them if they're crispy. I've been to restaurants that give you giant slaps of sweet potatoe and call them fries. Ah no...if it's mushy it's not a fry in my book. If I wanted a slab of sweet potatoe I would have asked for it.

I got the crinkle cut because for some reason I think their better tasting in general even though I know it's just cut differently. I also prefer my hashbrown shredded and really it's all potatoe.

There alright and since I'm unlikely to make them from scratch (yes I know it's easy but again I like them crispy and when you start giving me directions like brush with egg white all bets are off) I will probably try them again as there is 4g of fibre in a serving.

As I was looking for a picture I came across McCain's US website first and noticed the packaging was blue and in Canada it's the above. Bizarre how these market researchers decide things. For example Neutrogena Make Up not available in Canada and I'm not sure on the rational behind that one as we have every damn skin care product they launch.

I've discovered over the last few days that a few people are quite excited about my new schedule with two days in camp. Not for me but now apparently I can track down an HR manager that's particularly difficult to get a hold of via phone or email. What do these people expect me to do...stalk him?

Friday I did hit the gym for cardio and did 45 min on the treadmill at brisk walk. Wowsers my cardio has suffered and I was strangely sore this morning. I had planned to go for a walk around the hood today but just as I was about to head out when this bizarre hail/rain/ snow stuff started to pour, about 2 hrs later it was giant fluffy flakes. Instead I just focused on studying as the big test is next Saturday. OMG my attention span with the online prep stuff is lousy, since I've now watched all of them I tend to tune out and start thinking about grocery lists. Going forward I'll do the practice tests on line but I'm going back to books.

Tomorrow I'll go grocery shopping and definitely get a walk in. Monday is last Monday workout with trainer after this it will Thursdays only unless he creates a group workout on Wed or Fri. Look forward to off the top of my own head training recaps to make up the differance. I also asked him for homework.

I ordered this thing by Jillian Micheal's that's 50 workouts in a box. I'm getting it shipped at the same time as the True Blood season one DVD so it won't be here until May 25ish.

On the day of the test I also have a paper due...yippee. Thankfully this class also lets me use real work scenarios so that's a bit easier. I'll probably work on a rough copy tomorrow.
Go Flames Go, I really hope they figure out how to win in Chicago or we're in trouble. Down 3 goals so far, it's not impossible to come back from that but I don't know if I can watch.

Alright tales of the grocery store tomorrow


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