Thursday, April 02, 2009

Not according to plan

Pretty average day today with the exception of every big wig in my area was in a meeting on my floor. We're talking the Sr. VP, the EVP, VP and whatever else they call each other. All it took was for everyone to realize they were there and we all took the long way around to the kitchen or bathroom so we didn't have to walk past that room.

I've been exhausted all day but I knew I had a workout tonight so I plugged through.

Got to workout did my warm up, 25 push ups, 250km on the rower and 40 dumbell swings with 20lbs and I took a step towards the weight rack to do my next set of push ups and SHAZAAM I had searing pain in the back of both my legs. OMG I could barely hobble and the tears started to flow.

Trainer quickly tossed me into a back room and head trainer dude came and they made me lie down. They were firing questions at me like "Did you hear a pop?", "Is it shooting pain?", "Is it vibrating pain?". I'm like it hurts and shut up.

So the other guy did some leg stretches and the pain started to subside. We suspect one heck of a muscle spasm in both hamstring muscles. Again the questions "Are you hydrated", "How much salt in your diet". I'm like dude let me lie here.

Now I was totally red and my eyes a spectacular vibrant green against the red face. He's asking me if I'm o.k because I still look upset. I had to explain that I stay red for a long time.

After the pain subsided now I felt mortally embarrassed and the tears started again. OMG it was kind of funny watching two manly trainers dealing with a sobbing female. They filled out an incident report. The other guy tried to make me feel better telling about a woman who once fell of a treadmill and put a hole in a wall.

No my hamstrings feel sore, I've taken a hot bath and did a good amount of time in Legs up the Wall pose to stretch. I don't need to face the gym until Monday.

You know what's really funny on Monday Trainer was talking about making people cry and I defiantly said you've never made me cry. Busted.

I'll go back on Monday....maybe in disguise?

Take care kids....hugs.


IRJessica said...

Ack! What a rough workout, and not in a good way! Hope your hammies feel better soon!

carla said...

those hamstrings are delicate huh? are you walking ok today? still ubersore?

I have been there:
I'm like dude let me lie here

and more here:


it was a good thing my 'trainer' was the husband as I said all that and more :)