Monday, April 20, 2009

30 more sessions

At tonight's workout I was mid 145lb deadlift when I realized I need these training sessions. Yes I know I can work out on my own but I know myself well enough that I would never grab the long bar and plop mega weight on each end, set it up on a pair of steps so it's properly aligned. I would never grab a 25 foot rope thing and tie it to weights.

I would do the standard exercises and just build on weight and reps. There's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing quite like having another person believe you can do something when you stand there in doubt. Like a trainer believing you can deadlift 145lbs.

So I signed up for 24 more sessions. I made Trainer's day -I think not because of the added revenue but I think he might have actually missed me. He was beaming at the 145lbs.

We began with the usual warm up but mid-lung I felt a twinge in my left thigh. Everytime that legs knee touched the floor I felt it again. I stopped doing lunges.

So first up were deadlifts.
8 reps with 60lbs, then it was 3 reps with added weight, 3 reps with added weight and so on.
Trainer told me that one of my group went up to 135lbs earlier so I said lets go higher. Tada 145lbs, he was so proud it was cute.

Then it was 50 squats so your butt touched a dumbell on the floor
Then 20 shoulder presses - 40lbs
Then 20 dumbell thrusters - 20lbs

Repeat 3 times, yeah that last round of squats was torture. The last round of any of that was hard and I slowed down significantly.

Then it was 250m on the rower
15 push ups - which may I say I fired off like nothing, I distinctly remember getting to 5 and having to take a breather.
15 ball drops - I like this, slamming a medicine ball into the floor while keeping your abs tight.

So now with 30 more sessions look forward to more reports on workouts. Plus I need to get more serious too and incorporate more cardio so I can truly see results.

I got the 365 day journal today and it's kind of neat. A page is broken down into breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack plus each section has check of section saying I achieved the 3 parts of a balanced meal. You check of grain/starch, vegetable/fruit and source of protein.

Then it has an area to check of exercise (happy face, blank face, sad face). A place to check off if you took your supplements, drank 8 glasses of water, how you would rate your day and a spot for reflections.

For the end of each week you rate different things from 1-5 like overall health, eating habits, body image, intellectual growth and stress managment.

Let's see what it's like to follow a plan created by a nutritionist.

Many adventures ahead.


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spunkysuzi said...

Can i ask where you found your 365 day journal??