Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Totally slept in today and tried Multi Grain Cheerios with a banana for breakfast. I was prompted to buy this cereal after watching Jillian's plug on Biggest Loser. It's true 100cal and 5g of fibre.

I do often find the product plugs during shows somewhat irritating. I was watching Chuck the other day and out comes Subway subs and the $5 foot long promo. What sold me on the cereal is that I'm getting bored with my usual cereals and I like that they mentioned why it was a good choice and not just focus on the multigrain part.

Did a whole lot of laundry today and cooking. Not as much cleaning as I would have liked to do apart from dusting but I can tackle it in smaller chunks throughout the week. I asked for Monday off so I'll have a 4 day weekend over Easter. It hasn't been approved yet but I see no reason why it wouldn't.

I don't plan on taking any vacation time until the work thing is sorted and I know where I land. Instead I'll take advantage of the paid time off days and tack them onto weekends here and there.

Today I baked two potatoes in the toaster oven. I was craving baked potatoe and normally I make it in the microwave which isn't baking it's steaming. There is definitely a difference my friends. Had one for supper and split the other one in half and made stuffed potatoes. That will be part of my lunch for two days along with a hamburger patty. Tomorrow's dinner will be left over pizza and some veg.

It's back to the gym tomorrow so we'll see how my return after melt down goes.
Stay tuned.


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