Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I need groceries

Toast for supper is getting old. Dog goes home tomorrow, while I loved having her and we did a killer walk tonight, the need to get home and let her out has complicated my schedule. She is a cutie but the need to be by my side every moment is exhausting.

She's so funny I picked her up today and she was already adapted to our one day routine. Hopped right into my yard and sat in front of my back door. She went straight to the spot where I had her water bowl the day before. Of course I had yet to unpack the water bowl.

She slept right next to me all night and this morning she gave me a "hit the snooze" look when the alarm went off.

I didn't sleep so great as I was very conscious of where she was and didn't want to knock her off the bed. Today I'm so tired I don't think that will be a problem.

Trainer tomorrow and I actually got cardio since Monday thanks to the dog.

There she I so rudely interrupted her nap to take the shot

Take care of yourselves....hugs!

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IRJessica said...

You sweet sweet woman! I love my pup- she's even allowed on the bed, but when I want to roll over- off she goes. I don't know if you have kiddos, but the same policy goes! Haha. Mama can't help anyone (not pup, not baby) if Mama is spent.