Monday, April 06, 2009

How cute is that

I got an email from my neighbour today telling me that the dog (I was babysitting last week) got out of the van after an off leash walk and went to my door instead of theirs. How adorable is that? So I asked if she (the dog) would be available for a play date sometime this weekend.

Missed my training due to a meeting that ran late. I didn't know about it until it was happening so had no heads up time to give trainer. So I sent him a hugely apologetic email and I'll see him on Thursday.

Class tomorrow, this is such a long day that I'm super happy it's the last one. Next class all online, thank goodness. I'm buying lunch tomorrow as I don't want schlepp a lunch bag all over town. My stuffed potatoe and hamburger patty lunch today was awesome.

I'm overjoyed that the Yogen Fruz in the building across the way is open. It's so nice to have a healthy desserty type of place especially as the weather gets warmer.

My boss is in town tomorrow which is nice, I usually only see her when I go to Fort Mac.

The Hills are back for the last it.

Alright later my friends...hugs.

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