Sunday, January 18, 2009

Two days is not enough

Hello, hello,

I did go to the gym yesterday and this is what I was supposed to do:
The warm up (10 sit ups, 10 back extensions, 10 toe touches, 10 samson stretches, 10 chin ups (assisted) and 10 tricep dips (assisted).

5 sets
15 sit ups
15 dumbell squats
15 push ups
15 dumb bell swings

I was at Spa Lady as my World Health is closed on Saturdays.

I did the warm up, with the exception of the back extensions because SL didn't have the appropriate equipment (after I left the gym I realized I could of used a stability ball). I squeaked out 7 chin ups and 5 tricep dips. My arms were killing me.

I managed to do 3 sets of the above before I tuckered out. I did have a good sweat going on. I swear the ladies were looking at me as if I was either odd or knew exactly what I was doing.

My workout didn't really end though as I had walked to the gym and then went to the library and then back to the mall and then home.

While I was at SL I wrote down the workouts they had given me in my workout dedicated journal and I've written down all of the WH trainer workouts thus far. I plan to write all of them down so I have a ready resource after my 24 sessions are up.

I do believe my trainer (or who I like to call -the man who is trying to kill me) will take my endurance level to the extreme when I workout with him. My alternate workouts might have to be more cardio focused if they land on days close to his.

The WH mantra is something along the lines of 3 phases, I don't remember what they're called. It seems we begin with the strenghth training paying particular attention to core, then strength over all and then cardio. I don't know how I feel about that and feel like I need to sneak in some extra cardio. If I ever get my print out of my original assessments perhaps that will shed more insight.

This week I see him twice, I have to skip yoga due to my first class starting so I'll have to squeeze that in somewhere. Next week I have to go to site on Monday so if trainer and I stick to Mon and Thur I'll have to miss a day which means the responsibility is mine to make up those workouts.

Today I went grocery shopping walked there and back and then cleaned.

The only thing left to do is wash floors which may have to wait until later in the week. I dug out my back gate so I can actually take out the garbage as opposed to attempting to fling it over the fence. There is still a whack of snow out there and what used to be half a foot of packed snow is now very soft. I've seen 3 cars stuck in three days. Note to those people, don't gun the engine you're just making it worse.

I do feel like I could use an extra day to get everything I want to get done accomplished.

I'm lovin' the feedjit link I attached to my blog, I'm always a bit surprised that people read this thing. I'm floored when someone attaches a link on their blog to say I'm one of their favourites.
Me? That's craziness :) Plus feedjit let's me know how people found me either via other blogs or google searches sort of thing.

How disappointed was the person who searched "last chance workout" got my blog with that title in which I talked about gym bags...sorry.

Speaking of last chance workout, I watched Biggest Loser yesterday. How awesome was Jerry's success at home, very inspiring. I'm liking the cast this round, but looking at Ali's baby bump makes we wonder when they filmed it. I'm thinking they were awfully close together.

I'm thinking about taking pictures of my food, I was really enjoying Angies photos. It would never occur to me to put trail mix on oatmeal.

Maybe I should see if the camera battery is charged...

Hope your weekend was fantastic and on to the adventures of a new week

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The Glitterati said...

Wow! I can do exactly 1 push-up (the regular kind). You're amazing!

I'm pretty sure anyone who's looking at you during your workouts or training sessions is half looking for tips (it's like a free trainer!) and half in admiration of your hard work.