Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Plodding along

Today was a whole lot of organizing. I received calls from a few hiring managers to put external recruitment on hold as we see who fits internally. Which really I should take great comfort in, but it's just weird going from smokin' busy to wait.

I called a bunch of people to postpone interviews or to let know that positions would be on hold for awhile. What did make my day was that people were really appreciative. It sucks to wait with no word, I always hated it.

The dust should settle in the next few weeks in the meantime I've volunteered to give hugs. I must just take things day by day.

I am incredibly fortunate that I work on a funny floor, there was some funny stuff that went down today that would make absolutely no sense if I even tried to explain it to you now.

Quite honestly food has been not so fantastic but I get to see trainer tomorrow so a good patootie kicking is in my future. He can't break the habit of yelling my name across the gym. We've settled on initials or just first name or last name. Not full name as I pointed out privacy laws to him. Plus whatever he calls me he gets back.

I finally got my scan card for the gym so I might check out the other downtown location on the weekend.

I sure feel the thigh muscles today as I seemed to encounter a lot of stairs.

Alright kids, I'm pooped and I want to back my gym bag before bed.


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