Friday, January 09, 2009

That was the warm up?

So I accidentally took a 90min lunch today as I wasn't expecting to start a workout when I met my trainer.

The first thing he did is hook me up to this machine with sensors attached to my foot and hand. It measured my body fat percentage. Which was 36% by the way - My goal to get it to a minimum of 26%.

Then he took my measurements: neck, shoulders, ribs, abs and right thigh (right where it connects to your hip).

Then he checked my blood pressure.

Then he taught me the warm-up: (I had to do this sequence 3 times).
10 sit ups
10 back extensions
10 toe touches (take 3 small steps then touch the toe of the foot that's in front)
10 Sampson stretches (take a giant step and do a lunge then link your hands together and stretch your arms up, palms facing the ceiling - repeat with the next step)
10 pull ups (on that weird machine that does help you support your body weight)
10 dips
Farmer's walk (walked from the back of the gym to main reception and back weaving past people. 1st time holding a 25lb weight in each time. 2nd time 25lb over my head with arms straight. 3rd time 45lb weight in right hand then switch to left hand for the trip back.

By the time I was done I was knackered, and this my friends is just the warm up.

I have my first 60min session on Thursday. In the meantime I have homework. One day do 35-40min on the treadmill at 3.8mph and an incline of 2.5%, on day two repeat the above warm-up.

I like this guy, though I could have done without the "Great Job Sylvia" being yelled across the busy gym. It was encouraging but I didn't want anyone to look at me.

I'm definitely never going at lunch time, it was busy and apparenlty Friday is a slow day.

I saw some people who looked they were killing themselves and I wondered about the healthiness of their form. Of course these were all boys, it's like they have something to prove to each other.

I had to get milk on the way home and I discovered a new chocolate bar (yes probably not the best thing to do) but it intrigued me. Kit Kat Senses - real milk chocolate, crispy waifer and creamy hazelnut filling. The NI 170cal, Fat 9g, Fibre 1g =4pts. That's actully not that bad for a chocolate bar. It's definitely a step up from a normal Kit Kat.

First offical BBLE2 weigh in tomorrow and the challenge begins :)


MeltingLisa said...

Hi there! I tried to post yesterday but for some reason cyberspace wasn't co-operating.

Just saying hi from Angies Team :) Escpecially since I am in Cowtown as well.

carla said...

were you excited to have the homework or notsomuch?
back in the DAY I was a trainer and was sure not to do the GOOD JOB SHOUT across the room...because I knew that I wouldnt have liked it.

good to know I was right:)


Fatinah said...

holy crap - I'd have needed a nap after the warm up!