Monday, January 19, 2009


Today was the day from heck.
I woke up at 5:30, which is exactly the time I need to be at the bus stop to get to the south location. Nothing like waking up and start swearing. Last night I made my lunch, had my bag packed next to the door and even had the bowl and measuring cup out for my cereal. The one thing I failed to do is turn on the alarm clock.

So I took a cab, then my day was alright but my last meeting ran late so I had to take a cab back downtown to pick up my gym bag. I phoned my trainer an hour before my session thinking I might be late but it turned out I was 5min early.

I could have done without the stress of thinking I was going to be late. So I'm out $80 in cab fare but other than that it was an alright day.

Oh one fun thing, I'm booked to go to site on Monday to do interviews. The hiring manager told me the two candidates would be on site that day. I discover today that is not the case. So now I'm going 2.5hrs north of Fort McMurray for fun...yippee. Hopefully I'll get to meet the rest of my hiring managers so the day won't be wasted. The flight can not be cancelled so I'm going anyway.

At the gym, trainer kicked my patootie. It was the warm up then dumbell thrust/lift/torture (holding 20lbs in a long dumbell kind of like the olympic weight lifters. Start in a squat and push up to standing with the weight over your head and repeat. 21, 15, 9. Oh that was after the many normal squats. What wasn't helping is my nike capris have a little bit of lower waist and I kept thinking I was flashing my underwear.

Then dumbell swings - 30 in total as he made me repeat 10 because my form sucked.

Then there was these evil burpees on a step and then you jump up on to the step. I'm totally freaked by jumping on to things that have space in front of them and are made of plastic in other words I'm afraid of falling over. If it was a normal step found on a stair case I probably wouldn't have an issue. This one was the step class version with 4 platforms underneath so loads of space to fall off. He reduced it to 3 after he saw my distress.

Then there were lunges and chest presses and this thing where your holding yourself off the ground and you lift up your legs - a kind of a reverse crunch.

By the time we were done I was exhausted, beet red and dripping in sweat.

He kept talking about little nutrition tidbits like cod liver oil is good for fat loss, and some of the stuff he said I swear it sounded like Klingon.

The highlight of the night is when he said to me that even though our trainer/victim relationship has existed for 3 hours/sessions. He really enjoyed that I don't complain. That meant a lot to me.

One curious thing I noticed at the gym was this guy wearing cargo pants and a hoody pulled over his head. It was an odd workout outfit sort of like he was hiding it gave him a uni-bomberesque appearance.

My random thought on the bus was I would never survive the Biggest Loser and they're 6-8 hours of workout.

I have my first class tomorrow and the physical. In the physical I'm curious if he's going to say anything about weight. As the class goes until 9pm I'm not sure if I'll be blogging.

So I wish you all fabulour things until the next posting.


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Fatinah said...

what a work out! I hate having to jump on things - I usually trip - so that would have stressed me out for sure!

Bummer that you had to cab it all over town - $80 - that's a pair of Lullulemons just about!!

The Glitterati said...

Eeek, unstable heights. Sorry to hear you had such a hectic day, and do you mean there is actually something NORTH of Ft. MicMac?!

Did you know that when I feel lazy and want to skip out on the gym, I come here and see all the incredible work you're doing, and think "no way can I justify missing my paltry workout when CW's going through all this!". So... thanks for that! :-)

Also! I am back the first week of February, hopefully we can hang out!!