Friday, January 02, 2009

So maybe a 2nd gym is justifiable

Today was dead, so dead I had all I needed to do done by 10am. My phone didn't ring once and the only email I got was about a meeting change in 2 weeks. So I went home at 3pm, I was on my way to the gym and then I waited for the bus.

OMG is it cold!!!! -37 with windchill my friends. If any bus other than the bus that takes me 4 doors down from my house came I was going to the gym. Well the bus that stops 4 houses down came. Am I wimp, hell ya in this kind of weather. Which got me thinking maybe a membership at World Health attached to my work building is not a bad thing especially in Winter.

I passed one of my colleagues this morning and she was on her way there. She said I should come with but my start time is 7:30am and I didn't have time. I have a pass for 2 weeks at World Health perhaps I'll use it and see if I like it. 10,000 square feet and treadmills that have individual tv's. Yes I'm impressed with the bling. The thing is half my co-workers go there. I'm not a group workout kind of person. I like to get workout hard enough to sweat and I've noticed many who don't feel the same. Mind you it doesn't take much for me to break a sweat which is why I need to work on my endurance. I prefer to workout alone, then I'm not comparing myself to anyone. However they all go in the morning or at lunch, so if I stick to after work I may still have serenity. That gym is closed on the weekends so I'd still have Spa Lady for that. I know I'm talking crazy but I'm trying to work it out in my head.

On the food front I'm happy to report I have tracked every single day and I still have flexpoints left. I haven't eaten any of activity pts (still sitting at 7). 

I plan to go to the gym tomorrow as the day high is -15 and sunny, that I can handle. The thought of exiting the gym all sweaty into -37 gave me thoughts of hypothermia. Hey I already admitted to being a wimp.

I got in the habit of watching Days of our Lives over the Christmas break and I've been taping it. This what I think will happen Nicole will "adopt" Sammi's baby and then when they catch the killer and Sammi comes home all heck will break loose. It's a guess. 

Did you know if you ask for the Skinny Vanilla Latte at Second Cup it's full sugar syrop? You have to specifically ask for sugar free. I did this the other day and the guy in front of me gave me a look like "Oh geez another resolution".

This morning I went to Starbucks and got a 9pt latte (of course checked the NI after I drank it, never getting that again) and when I said no whip the guy behind me says "part of your New Year's resolution?" I turned to him and said "No, it just melts by the time you get to where you're going so what's the point".

I'm so looking forward to finding out more of Blogger Biggest Loser 2 toon in to that Blog tomorrow morning apparently. I'll be there.

Have groovy evening everybody.

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Bi0nicw0man said...

Why is that if you order something healthy in January people just assume it's a resolution? I mean maybe some of us just prefer non-fat milk!! ;)