Sunday, January 25, 2009

Embracing the inner super hero

That's what I did today by heading out in -20 for the gym. I know it took super hero effort to get myself out the door and I walked to the gym so that took about 15-20min.

Did my warm up plus weigh training homework. I got through 4 reps today so that's one rep better than last time.

I added it up including warm up I did 120 sit ups, 60 dumbell squats, 60 dumbell swings, 60 push ups, 30 chin ups, 30 tricep dips, 30 back extensions and 30 lunges. Did I tell you the warm up now consists of 20 sit ups each set as opposed to 10.

Then I headed to the treadmill to do cardio homework. I was listening to my itouch and Nickelback came on with "Next Go Round" and a couple of lines were very fitting. Example" Yeah we're gonna go until our legs give out". I know they weren't talking about sweating on the treadmill but it was strangely inspiring especially at the 7 degree incline part. This song was followed by a slow Micheal Buble tune and what this tells me is I need a playlist specifically for the cardio homework. I really liked this treadmill workout, the 2min are perfect and challenging. Many times I heard Bob/Jillian in my head counting down.

After the gym I walked to the post office (15min) picked up my parcel and then went to the grocery store (15min) picked up some groceries and the walked home with a 25lb backpack (20min). On the way home the wind was brutal and it was far colder than on the way out.

I believe that was a super hero workout for the day.

My plan when I got home was to bake the cake I need for Thursday. Alas I had vanilla cake mix and not chocolate cake mix. I'm making a Black Forest Cake so that won't work. I'm thinking Tuesday I can pick up cake mix and still be good to go for Wednesday assembly. We're having International pot luck day at work and I'm of German decent so that's the first thing that popped into my head and when I asked if that would go over well I got a resounding "Oh yes".

I have the Cake Mix Bible cookbook and with a few added ingredients people swear up and down that this chocolate cake is homemade. I don't correct them.

My parcel was from Amazon bringing me the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga dvd and a bunch of Sookie Stackhouse novels. I love this series and can't wait for True Blood to be aired in Canada.

I'm going to watch the DVD before I try it. The writing on the back is pretty cheesy "Take your practice to the next chakra" but it stars Bob so I'll forgive that. I'll give you my report when I have an opportunity to try it out.

Scale was down 2lbs this morning, why can't my weigh in days be Sunday?

I hope the inner super hero sticks with me tomorrow. Calgary is warming up to -8 but where I'm going it's -30, I'm coming back in the afternoon but there's nothing quite like a 20 degree difference in one day. Thank goodness we Calgarians, Albertans, Prairie dwellers are fairly used to it. Just remember layering is key :)

A new week begins may yours be fantastic.



Tanya said...

I just ordered 2 Biggest Loser workouts and the Jillian Michaels: 30 day shred yesterday... now I'm dying to get them. Yeah, I have no patience... and Amazon predicted they'd be delivered in about 3 WEEKS!

You'll have to let us know how you like the yoga one... not one of the ones I ordered.

Angie All The Way said...

"Cowgirl Warrior" that sounds like a superhero namem to me! Great job darlin'!!

Let me knwo what you think of that Yoga DVD cause Lesley has it and I might have to borrow it to try it!