Monday, January 05, 2009

Somethings got to give

Oy vey everyone is back at work that's for sure. It took an hour to get to the gym today. I was grumpy by the time I got there but I went in. Trust me for a brief moment I debated going home instead of climbing over 7 people to get off at the stop by the gym.

Alas I did and did one killer lower body and core workout. My legs felt like jelly and I was feeling a little wousy, so I skipped the 20min on the Arc Trainer and did 30min on the Treadmill instead of 20min. Watched tv on my ipod touch, I should have started that earlier. At Spa Lady they have 4 televisions all on news channels. You can't change them. By watching something I found entertaining I didn't stare at the timer on the treadmill.

All the way to the gym I kept thinking I could be working out right now if I get that membership at World Health. So tomorrow I'll call the chicky about the 2 week free membership. The only way to know if this will make a difference is to test it out. Maybe my co-worker will get a free backpack out of it.

I broke one New Year's resolution today. Right after the gym I stopped in at Safeway and picked up a couple of Lean Cuisines and Smart Ones. Yes my plan is to eat more clean has been derailed, not completely just gym nights. I just can't beat under 4min in the microwave when I get home late. One of these days I'll be sorted enough to clean out the freezer and pre-prep a bunch of easy to reheat meals.

So far so good tracking wise, on plan for 3 days this week. I bought lunch today but kept it at 4pts by getting a small chili and side salad from Wendy's. I put the dressing in the lid and dipped fork first. I barely used any of it and it was the light version also. I'm seriously thinking about doing that again tomorrow.

Wowsers, did you hear - 162 people signed up for BBLE 2. That's awesome!!! 

Alright I'm knackered and that's all I have to say today.

We will conquer my friends!


Fatinah said...

I would say if you "not eating clean" is a lean cuisine or a WW meal - that is still pretty good. While I agree with you, pre-freezing some home cooked goodness is ideal, it isn't always realistic. Small price for you to pay for the awesome job of fighting your way off the bus to go do your workout!

betseydoodle said...

Hey Cowgirl - I'm one of your team-mates on BLBE2! We're both at around the same weight - competition!

Having pre-made meals can be challenging but is as easy as dedicating a morning to cooking and prepping portions - or even making a couple extra portions (and freezing them immediately) when you're doing your regular meals.

The Glitterati said...

OMG, I've missed so many great posts! Glad to hear you enjoyed your low-key holiday season... we must be on the same wavelength; NYE was a stay-at-home-and-watch-a-movie event for me. In bed by 12:30!

Look forward to hearing about everyone's progress for BBLE2. I'm not one for resolutions, but I do generally want to eat better, more veggies, etc (who doesn't?!). I don't think Lean Cuisines are all that bad, esp. if they're spruced up with a side salad or a nice soup or something. Of course homemade is better but when it's 8pm and I'm starving, it's not a bad option!

I'd never thought about watching TV while running! Can't read magazines as there's too much movement going on, but TV! I can finally catch up on all that Gossip Girl. This makes me wanna buy an iPod Touch!