Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thinking positively

So I woke up today and checked my blackberry to see an email from the CEO of my company that says we're cutting capital spending in half and the project I support is now on hold.

What a way to wake up. This is not the time to panic however. There is much work to be done and other groups to support. My boss called me to ask me how I was feeling and I did tell her that outwardly I'm super calm, inwardly I'm freaking out. She assured me not to panic and I promised not to jump out the window of our office tower (well you can't anyway because the windows don't open and I would never actually do that). I appreciate her re-assurance as I am her only employee in Calgary in midst of my peers who report to someone else. I do work for the division that is the busiest. I told her I plan to retire with this company and really now would be a good time to buy shares.

She commended my positivity. Now I just need to keep it up. What I think is funny is I've been told twice this week that I'm positive yet I don't think of myself that way.

I think this was a good day to have a half day, less time to dwell or be surrounded by people dwelling. As I was telling my dad about todays events I kept it all positive.

If you think you will fail, you will. So don't think it.

Tomorrow I get sorted supporting my group that's being put on hold and making sure everything I'm working on currently for them is organized. I do have stuff to work on that's not on hold. One thing that plagued me all day was I can be redeployed my group (who I adore) is going through their whole project being stopped, not forever but for now and I do believe there is every intention to ressurect it but that doesn't make it any less scary.

We also had a company wide conference call. A whole whack of people are effected by this as there were a couple of projects put on hold so the times ahead will be interesting. It's interesting to see everyone's reactions. Everyone is feeling a bit vulnerable.

As I said to my boss - this is not the time to panic, cooler heads must prevail. The first step in this type of situation is cost saving and everyone can contribute to that.

So I had my doctor's appointment today and he said nothing about weight. I like him already. He did ask me about calcium and said to make sure I was getting 1200 -1500 miligrams worth. I'm thinking I may need to add in a supplement because I don't drink that much milk or eat that much yogurt. We couldn't do the pap test as it's TOM so I get to do that next Tuesday...yeah!

On the post workout front I was not that sore this morning and feeling really impressed with that epsom salt bath. When I mentioned that to my Doctor he asked if I just tried soaking because that's what probably helped not the epsom salts. I'll have to try that. As I should also be thinking cost saving mode.

Class was alright, it will be interesting doing a blended in person/online class. I've already been assigned to a group and I like them all which is good because I despise group projects. All class related things seem to land on Tuesdays which interferes with yoga. I know I have to miss 4 yoga classes due to the in class portion but there's all these scheduled online meetings that I may need to duck out early from.

This class runs half an hour later than my last one and I wasn't sure about bus timings. Tonight we finished 10min early so I made my 1st bus and I was calling teleride when the second one pulled up. I was home in less than half an hour which is incredibly awesome.

The power of positivity my friends, that's the key.

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Fatinah said...

I think a lot of people around town are feeling the stress of projects being shut down. It won't be over for a while. You have the right idea though. Positivity is the key!!