Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Craziness and snackapalooza

Oy vey,
There have not been enough hours in the day for the past two days.

Yesterday was ridiculous every restaurant I passed I mentally thought of a food item. Then I's snackapalooza time. I love TOM for that, where rational brain goes out the window. I didn't act on any of these food thoughts but it was ridiculous. I was following some guy along the train platform because I could smell his coffee.

Working in the south location is a long day as it takes longer to get there and longer to get home. Plus it's so much more quieter than my normal environment that I get completely absorbed in what I'm doing. Yesterday was an 11 hour day.

I'm on the bus in the morning with the "steel toes", all these people heading off to manual labour jobs and me. I have total respect for the tough work they're going to and in all kinds of weather. It's a quiet commute, everyone lost in their thoughts. It amazes me how far some of us go together. You see I take a bus downtown and then a train to the SE and then a 2nd bus. The steel toes and I often travel with each other on the first bus and the train. Then they get on the bus to the industrial park and I get on the bus to the almost completed business park.

I love the group I work with there and the building. It's funny two companies are in that building. Mine and the blue people. I call them blue people because their scan cards are blue and my company's is green. We live harmoniously together.

Tomorrow will be a long day as well as I work my last day this week at the south location then must go meet trainer for first workout. Luckily Friday is downtown, shorter commute.

I've taken a bizillion mental notes over the last few days of things I want to blog about but now I'm tired and should head to bed but first pack the gym bag.

Hope everyone is doing well.


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