Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I got my new toy

I got this today, it was Christmas present to myself and it's purple. Now I can blog while watching tv or take this baby on the road. It's got a huge screen- 17 inches, backlit keyboard and I'm in tech heaven.
Well I did I joined World Health yesterday and signed up with a personal trainer for 24 sessions. That's right I'm taking BBLE2 seriously baby. I have my assessment session on Friday at lunch time where I get to find out my body fat...yippeee. I already know that thanks to my home scale but now I get to share it with Lincoln (my trainer). I've only talked to him on the phone but he's got a great sense of humour and hopefully we'll become great friends. The location I joined is apparently the executive club so you get towels...ooohh ahhh. There's also a second location 2 blocks away that's double the size so I have some options. Spa Lady will be good option for the weekends or if I don't want to go all the way downtown.
I only caught about 10min of the new Biggest Loser season but it's on PVR. I did see the weigh in and boy Bob wasn't kidding when he said it was the biggest season. I'm seriously routing for the orange team at this point. How crazy to find out your weight on national television.
Yoga was fantastic last night and I felt every sore muscle as we stretched but it was a good sequence of poses. Food was a bit goofy yesterday but today was totally on point.
Tomorrow's workout will be cleaning my house for sure.
Have you seen the new WW commercials? I think "hungry" is kind of cute, I wonder if they'll sell the plushed animal?
Now I must go plug in my food for today.


Nancy said...

Nice new laptop! You're gonna love it... Don't know what I'd do without mine.

That is so great that you're taking BLBE seriously. You're a cowgirl warrior on a mission!

Fatinah said...

I can't believe that you have 24 personal trainer sessions lined up - I'm VERY jealous!!! Was it very expensive? Or is that too personal a question? Anyhow, you are going to kick butt.

Linda said...

Sweet Laptop!!!

Seems like you're geared up and ready for BLBE2!!!!

I'm making the rounds and say hi!